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I'm confused - Can someone tell me more about this car?


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They are thoroughly covered on this site in other posts.


The LY head is a nissan competition part, quite uncommon as far as bits and bobs go, and was installed on pretty much a factory bottom end. There was race prep done, yes, but the block is a regular P30 or N42 block selected for uniformity. I am not clear on the cam timing system...the LZ heads were gear timed, but they are for the 4-cylinder engines.


It's a two-valve, crossflow head. Not unlike a Z-series head, actually, at first glance.

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All bolted on a L bottom end n42 block and they dont make 300 na  not even close  ,,,, ITs all about the look boys


You know, it's really hard to take you seriously with some of the billy bullshit you come out with sometimes. Do you honestly think Nissan designed, built, developed and homologated the 'LY' all for "the look"?




Nissan's own published figures for the full LY28 ( ie, the type sold to privateer racers in Japan ) tell their own story: This was recommended as a package, and not just a cylinder head to drop onto a stock or stockish bottom end. At 2870cc, with an 11.7:1 compression ratio, on three 50PHH Mikunis and with factory CDI, they quoted a nice round 300ps @ 7,600 rpm and 32kg/mm @ 6,400 rpm. Max recommended revs were 8,000 rpm. Block was a 'specially selected' N42, but with additional processing and with Wills ring type head gasket sealing. There was a dedicated CM40 crank with narrow rod journals, special ( narrow journal ) rods, pistons and flywheel. It required the dedicated bellhousing and engine mounts too, as it canted the block over on the opposite side to stock.


Factory 'Works' circuit race versions of the LY ( some of them internally nicknamed the 'R390' engine ) on ECGI injection and with dry sump were giving well in excess of the figures quoted for the privateer versions. 


Trouble is, people look at the LY and they don't understand it. They don't understand what it was designed to do, they don't understand what type of racing it was designed to be used in, and they don't understand what it was homologated to do. Nissan was not playing a game of 'Top Trumps'. 

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Your all wrong sorry .. its a rb20 sc head made to look like a works engine  its a kit you can buy in japan now  and no it does not make big power the ports are to small and the valves are to small ..


Just to clarify: The engine pictured is using a genuine Nissan 11041-N3175 'LY' / 'Crossflow' cylinder head. A two-valve, semi-hemi chambered design using a single camshaft with twin rocker shafts and diagonally acting 'finger' type rockers. The first 'LY' heads were seen on factory race cars in Japan in late 1972, and were being used in competition by the Works team in early 1973. The LY was designed to be used with Nissan's own ECGI ( Electronic Control Gas Injection ) 'computer' injection system, and by the end of 1973 just such a setup ( LY with ECGI ) was being used on L24s mounted in factory Works rally cars competing in the World Rally Championship. The factory called these complete engines 'LR24', and sometimes LY24-R'. Later, bigger, versions used in circuit racing in Japan were also nicknamed 'L390' - in a tip of the hat to Nissan's defunct R380 / R381 / R382 / R383 sports-racing cars. 


The owner of the red car pictured has been developing his engine for a long time, and as it now stands he is running a twin turbo conversion on his LY head. This is something that the factory never did with the LY, although Janspeed here in Europe campaigned a turboed LY28-engined car in European races in the late 1970s.


Beware of bad information about the LY ( or any other rare period Factory parts ) and be especially wary of dimwits who confuse them with recent RB20E-based lookalikes.....  :icon12:

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AS for dim wits i know the LY is not just for looks ,,, you sir are a ass some times .. it looked like the copy from the pics and the head we have at work ,,, but i am wrong the plugs are on the wrong side to be a rb20e, im wrong i thought it was a  the copy looks very close to this ,, and it does not go any where like the LY works engine ,,,

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