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[SoCal] SU Carburetors, L28 Engine, EFI Stuff, stock 280z Seats, more..

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Starting my Chevy 350 Conversion so stuff has to go, thread will be updated as other things get found or become available. Local pick is available if you're in the Southern California area. Thanks



Round Top 4screw SU Carbs with manifold and linkage - $120






 75-83 Z/ZX Non-Turbo Air Flow Meter P/N: a31-625-000 - $45 shipped



 '78 5-speed ECU Module P/N: A11-601-000 - PENDING SALE




L28 Engine with Cam F54 Block + N47 Head [10:1 Compression] - $150 [Local pickup only] Has 300/300/.510(American Cam Co.) installed in the N47 head. it's going to need a rebuild as it was burning oil before it was pulled.





Stock 280z Seats - GONE

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Possibly interested in the carbs if you still have them. What's the condition? Shipping to VA 22153?



Have a sell pending on them but I'll get back to you if it doesn't go through. The fuel hoses on the bottom of the carbs may need to be replaced soon but otherwise they're in good condition.

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For some reason I can't edit my original post but everything  sold. Thanks for looking.




money sent for air flow meter



Got it. Will get it sent out to you in the morning. Thanks

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