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1983 280zx turbo


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I just bought my second 83 280zx turbo. This one runs great and supposedly has a built motor with a cam of some sort. But on the downside it is an automatic. It has some rust in the passenger floorboard. The tach nor speedometer don't work on the digital dash I don't know why. Here are some pictures.







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I have a 280zx turbo 5speed as well. I thinking about keeping this one an auto I kinda like it. It has a new p90a head on it along with new ecu, afm, speed sensor, plugs, and plug wires. I plan on taking the valve cover off and seeing if there are any markings on the cam. I have several options for the car I don't know which one to go with I could drive it around or 5 speed swap it as I have the pedals from my parts car and 2 5speeds just not the amazing Borg Warner 5speed or I could put the swap in my 260z there is a full megasquirt kit in my area with all sensors and harness for 300$ in my area.

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Here is my other 280zx next to my wicked foxbody that I sold







Where the hell is the datto in this pic?




...aww just kidding. Nice cars all around, even the fobra.


I'm personally partial to manual transmissions, but that's because an auto never really does what I want, when I want. To me they're only useful for going really fast in a straight line, and consistently. 

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You can always convert it. I know guys that have converted the same car back and forth a couple of times...


Easiest, though not always the cheapest, is to just find someone getting rid of a manual S130. Finding all the parts piece meal can be quite annoying, especially if you're trying to do the conversion in a weekend.

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I bought a turbo 200sx today, it has a ca18det with a t4 turbonetics twin scroll turbo electromotive tec2 engine management, ls1 coil packs, aftermarket fuel pump, pressure regulator, 550cc injectors, r200 rear end, FMIC, aluminum radiator, ohhh and before I forget it was built by Tom Wyatt aka Turbo Tom


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