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brake proportioning block

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There is no proportioning valve integrated into the ZX master cylinder, if that's what your asking. The ZX's have a separate proportioning vavle just like the earlier Z's. Depending on the year of your Z (you don't specify), the proportioning valve that came with your car is either at the rear of the car above the differential (~'70 to '72 Z's), or on the left side of the firewall ('73 on).


With the ZX rear brakes, you may have too much brake pressure going to the rear brakes, leading to the rear wheels locking up before the fronts = BAD. In that case, the stock proportioning valve needs to be replaced with an adjustable one allowing you to "turn down" the rear brake pressure.


FYI, if your Z has the stock proportioning valve on the firewall, and someone tells you just to "gut" it, don't listen to them! This will tie the front and rear brake lines together.



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