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Hey everone,


So i`ve finally gotten the chance to do a engine swap in my car and thought i would post up a build thread on here so show you what im up too and to get some advice from all you gurus.I`ve got a 1972 240z with a L24 with basically just a MSD ignition setup on it. But at work we had a pretty clean 7M-GTE sitting around so I picked it up for $200 and started my swap. The 7m had a blown hg so I decided to do a full rebuild as this will be my daily.


An older picture of my car:





*sorry for crappy cell phone pics


What i currently have:



when I first took it out of the box:



after a little tear down/inspection and clean:




the two mating faces:





So far I have started by pulling it all apart and getting the head machined. Luckily it was only warped 0.005in needed a total of 0.012in to take all the pitting out of the block for the metal head gasket. Then I microsonicly cleaned all the parts and did a proper rebuild, with a little port on ex runners, polish on ex runners, and all new seals and gaskets all around. And of course some paint to make it look a little nicer.












Picked up a freshly rebuilt R154 from a local mechanic:




Had the flywheel machined:




Started tearing down the block:




As of right now I have a fully rebuilt head ready to be put on the block and the block was decked and honed. Im just in the middle of ordering some parts then I'll put it all together!! I litterally cannot wait to drive this car when its boosted. its a long awaited dream of mine.


Any questions, opinions and comments are welcome!!

just don't hate on the 7M to bad, I think since I am building it properly it will be good as a daily with 250-300bhp :icon47:




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first get the engine to start lol my bro and i are doing the same right now rebuilding a 7m and a 2jzge for my s30 but cant commit to one yet...make sure you get everything machine and done right cus 7mgte are known best for spun bearing cus of oil flow and bhg. keep us posted.

nice Z by the way

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Yes, that is my plan hahah. I can't wait to hear it roar. So far the block has been decked and honed and the head was fully rebuilt and resurfaced. Next I need to order a metal head gasket and new oil squirter bolts so the oil can get to the rods properly.


But I need Summit Racing to hurry up! I ordered some parts from them and right away over half the order was back ordered for weeks. :icon54:


So because of this I have to wait until those parts come in to put it together because it is all my bolts/studs and bearings for the bottom end.


Recently I have shimmed the oil pump for increase pressure, cleaned lots of parts, gapped all the new rings and now just need my bearings and bolts!! I may just cancel the order and pay the extra money to get them locally.


Here is a pic from the weekend with it all mocked up so I can see what parts I need.




And the oil pump shim





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Got some more work done today after work since my main cap studs and bearings finally came in!  :icon10:


What got installed today:


ARP main cap studs

Main Bearings


Thrust Bearings

Oil pump Drive shaft

Main caps.

Oil Pump

-8AN Oil Pump Pressurized Supply line


Hopefully tomorrow I will have the whole bottum end together other than the ARP rod bolts as Summit Racings Seems to be taking there sweet time with them; over 2.5 weeks now even though I ordered a rushed order.  :icon55:


Here is a picture:





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Thanks! Yea i don't want to half ass it and end up back at the beginning with a bhg. Yea the 7m should make some great torque and power in the low end, no need to rev to 10k when I can make power quick and down low!


I kind of laugh though because this started out as just doing a head gasket and now it fully studded, machined, rebuild, clean, stripped of anything that robs power and should be like a brand new engine.  Just in the midst of purchasing a Vems V3 standalone system now and getting ready to put the engine in the car, as I want it to be fully complete before it goes into the car. Once its in I just want to get the drive shaft made, make all the mounts, wire up some small things, make charge pipe and exhaust. I dont want to mess around with the engine once its in.


Plus I got a Bosch in tank pump that ill use to run a surge tank since I will use the stock single (crappy baffled) 240z tank as I just spent lots of time refinishing it.










And the design of my surge tank that I'll be building.





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Nice engine choice. Having did this swap myself i just want to say no matter how much you want to flogg it dont do untill it has more than enough miles on it to be properly broken in. I am the proud owner of a crank walking rod knocking 7mgte swapped 240z. I have to tear it apart,find another bottom end,rebuild it, then put it back together and drive like im scared of it. 


Hope you enjoy it once your done. Mine is internally stock except for metal headgasket and arp head studs. Holset hx40 turbo at 11lbs and i can walk away from most v8s.

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Thanks jeeper! Are you going with a standalone system? I decided to go with a Vems V3 and must say it looks to be better than AEM and some other ecu's plus it is a great price. I can set it up to run boost by gear, control meth, N20, egt input, lots of different outputs and open source tuning plus tons more! If you haven't got an ecu yet check that one out.


I'll post a picture of my mounts next time i've got the car on hoist (next couple days or so)


For fueling ill run a Walbro 225 inline for now and then Ill be fabing up a 70L fuel cell in the near future once it is all running smoothly. Cant decide whether to run a -4AN return and -6AN pressure line or just keep it with high pressure injection hose.... Decisions, decisions haha

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Thanks everybody! I'm starting to get really excited now. 


Welded up a fan shroud for my electric fan out of some more stainless! I love working with it, pretty easy, looks great, and easier to TIG weld.







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yea im lookin at either a greddy or HKS



I've got a brand new Cometic MLS in packaging I'll ship you for 85% of whatever it costs new.


(Cometic's website now redirects to shopengineparts.com)


I ordered one when the PO of my 7m told me he replaced the headgasket with a cometic, but not with an MLS.  I popped the top to replace it, and it turns out it WAS an MLS. :D  Bonus!

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Hey Suprabog, sounds awesome! We will defiantly have to go for a cruise once we both get running! If you need any help or have any questions let me know and i'll try to help best I can although sometimes I don't think I know what i am doing haha.


Hey badjuju, sorry but I am way past putting the head gasket in! Thanks for the offer though.





Got some gauges:










And made up a mount for my hall sensor trigger wheel:








Also been doing lots of wiring so the harness is almost done! Then i'll be trying to hook up all the other small wiring for gauges, ignition and some other relays etc.

Edited by 72-s30

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