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Box full of NOS Datsun Parts. Parts LOT. Cheap!

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Hey Guys / Gals,


I am going to be listing whats left of my datsun parts collection from the past 14+ years of buying, restoring, selling Datsuns (mostly S30's...) I will be grouping all of any one particular type of part into lots. Combo switches, Carburetors, Distributors, Bumpers, Interior, Fenders, Doors, Taillights, Engines, Heads, Etc., Etc. Etc....... This will take a little time to pull things out of storage one lot at a time, but I will eventually get through everything. I will list the entire lot for one price at a HUGE savings per item, but will also sell things individually upon request.


The goal of this endevour is two fold:


1) Clear out three storage units, my basement, and half my garage of THOUSANDS of Datsun parts.


2) My wife and I are in the process of adopting two children from DRC and will use these funds to help bring them home safe as soon as possible!!!




This lot consist of a small box full of NOS parts.  I have not inventoried every item, but there is a mixture of rubber bushings, rubber gromets, rubber boots, carburetor parts, side marker lights and lenses, brake kits, A/C parts, electrical parts, Starter pinoin gears, crank gears, Etc., Etc. Etc...


I take $100 for the entire box! Don't really want to piece this one out, but you never know...  Please email me at L28240z@yahoo.com if interested.













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A few Part numbers:


This is about half of whats in the box...

44100 - E4128
44100 - B5500
16061 - N3325 / 2 pcs.
26190 - A7800
26126 - H1901
62079 - P9100
62078 - P9100
43215 - E4100
40211 - 32200
44100 - E4128
26193 - E4600
14056 - 25602
55045 - 01A05 / 2 pcs.
13021 - 60100
23312 - N0900
40022 - 14852

There are many more parts that the part number has either faded or the sticker is missing...

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Hm.  I have a few... Whatcha lookin for???

Specifically, I'm looking for an old HKS BOV/Pop-off/diverter valve, however I love adding vintage go-fast bits to my build! Anything that might work for a mildly upgraded L28ET would have my interest.

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I have a few used 240 turn signals in storage but not sure on their condition. Ill have to get back to you guys on that one...

If you have a cracked/damaged one I'll take it off your hands. I need one for mock up purposes for a little project I'm working on...

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