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McKinney Motorsports VH45DE S30 swap.

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I just got through a few (unprofessional) emails with a representative of McKinney Motorsports about there kit.


Here's a copy of the Email:


"You are only the second one to contact us about the Z car vh45 swap…..  we set priorities by the amount of swap kit we can sell….


Some time late spring or early summer…."


So anyone who would like an all aluminum Nissan V8 in there ride, Email these people!

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<blockquote class="ipsBlockquote" data-author="ekoms31" data-cid="1040509" data-time="1360324937">

<p>i was probably the first one.  that was 1-2 years ago.  they keep saying next season but it never happened, so i built my own which is not that hard.  there are custom motor mount kits for the vh45, but you would need a welder. </p>

<p> </p>

<p>it would be cheaper buying a welder and tools, then buying a kit. </p>


<p> </p>

<p>I had to buy a welder a few years ago and couldn't do without it now. I seam to have trouble finding info on the swap. I think I know the needs to the Z32 tranny.</p>

<p>I believe I can use the stock headers to make a set that fits my 240z. And I was told the blue 450ztt cut `1-2" off the front of the oil pan to clear the cross member, but I may clearance the cross member instead, not sure of what it will look like yet.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Can someone give me a rundown of some of there swap? Or links to info on it? I haven't found any wiring help yet. I hear removal is a pain.</p>

<p>Really I'm just concerned about getting it placed in there. Any points on placement vs fitment? or does it only fit in one place?</p>

<p>more research now, less jacking (and swearing) later</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Im driving the Q45 right now. It had a miss when I bought it. I believe I worked out all the kinks and it runs well.</p>

<p>This car is fast for a 4000lb marshmallow.</p>

<p> </p>

<p>Ekoms31:  Where might I look at those options? </p>

<p> </p>

<p>When I search for S30 swaps all I find are s13/14. I see cool z32 chassy swaps and only pictures and video's of actual Z's</p>


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You can use the Z32 or Z33 transmission. There are adapters available for both. It's up for you to decide what works best for you. I also used the y33 rear with 3.69 gears. Welders are an indispensable asset, I know I couldn't live with out it! 


I worked from the transmission forward. I bolted the transmission to the engine, installed the driveshaft and then blocked up the engine off the subframe to where I wanted it. Then I tacked my engine mounts together. I actually flipped my transmission mount 180* to set the engine and transmission back about 1". I'm not sure what the s30 transmission mount looks like so you'll probably have to make a custom one. Since I'm not a vendor I can't promote my own products here, but you can google different options for custom engine mounts. 

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