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NEEDED: 240Z fuel line retainers/clips

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Somehow my fuel line retainers/clips and the rubber insulators disappeared from my pile of parts. In any case I am in need of a set of 4 clips/retainers. These are the ones that are slotted in one end to slip over the bracket (see attached pic of bracket) and have a screw hole in the other end. I'd love to get the insulators too, but I can make do without them.


Any leads on used ones or even a source for new ones would be great. I can't find them in Motorsport or Black Dragon catalogues.




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Ok.  I located the zip lock baggy full of the fuel line retainers.  I have 5 small 4-hole blocks and 4 clips for the body mounted retainers.  Not sure why I have one less clip than blocks.  I have one small 4-hole block and its clip which is free floating (not attached to the body).  I have 2 of the retainer pieces that mount to the body.  I have one larger 3-hole mystery block.  And I have 8 of the screws that holds all of this stuff together.

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