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Weather is getting better and my health condition is also getting better.   I decided re-do rear window installation.   This time, I install trim onto the rubber before install

Check out my solution to this, starting with picture 37...   http://www.motortopia.com/cars/1973-datsun-240z-11118/car-pictures/240sx-transmission-swap-14041/DSC04484JPG_Thumbnail1.jpg-27626

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Working on towing hook.

Since I replace bumper to 240z style, I lost somewhere 280z towing hook.


So, purchase this one.




But actual products has less holes for the rear mount. 

It won't fit to my 280z.



For the front, since i installed Type 1 spoiler, I cannot just bold on it.

I need make a hole in order to mount the towing hook on the front.


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I'm pretty sure the number on the key isn't the actual bitting code, but is instead what's called a blind code, which has to be looked up in a book (that may be gone or locked up in Nissan headquarters) that associates the blind codes with the actual key codes.


That said, there is a service called instacode that I have seen recommended by hackers and lock enthusiasts for looking up key codes, blind codes and bitting values. It's not very expensive, to get one month and then cancel, but I've never personally tried it, and any decent locksmith should already have this or equivalent.


A bit of a longshot, but maybe a Nissan dealer could look up the codes? Not sure if they would even know how to do it, but maybe if you could get ahold of someone who's worked there for 40 years...

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The code should be on a paper sticker in the glovebox. I know an adress in the netherlands that cuts perfect keys based on that number but I guess thats not really feasible for you guys. IIRC the code on the key is useless for this ^^ . He is also skilled enough to get the code from a key picture. You could ask nicely maybe. He found out that my key was not actually for my car since its profile didn´t match the paper-glovebox sticker and now all locks work a LOT better. PM for adress :) 



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Thanks guys. I ordered blank key through eBay.





Once I get it, I will try Nissan Dealer.

What I heard that Nissan dealer can cut the key by the code with few dollars in Japan. It could be same in the States.


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While waiting for the key, working on towing hook.

I lost original towing hook somewhere.


I purchased this one. 



Since it's designed for 240z, I need modify a bit hole location in front.



Paint it with leftover paint for caliper to prevent from rusting.






Fit nicely now.


For the rear, seller sent me 2 holes version, which is different from the photos on the eBay. I explained to seller, he sent me 4 holes version.





Since the holes are too big, I need put thick washer to bolt on.

It fit perfect now.

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Working on radiator hose.

The Big GM alternator is hitting radiator hose and coolant get leaking.

Entire engine bay was splash with coolant :-(




This is the problem.


purchased eBay radiator hose.



The lower hose shape is different from OEM one.



Before and After. The new hose is not touching alternator at all !



Looks good on blue :-)


also, I build ramp with some spare woods.


Now I can jack up my car.




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