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82 280zx project

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Hi guys! I'm new on here and to cars but hopefully I'll catch on quickly. I originally bought my 280zx to convert it into a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO but have recently scrapped the idea because I have neither the money nor the knowledge to do such a dramatic transformation. Now its just being turned into a car to take to the drag strip, which hopefully doesnt make too many of you cringe in horror but it's better to wreck a $1000 dollar car than one thats worth at least 8 to 10 right? There is a lot more rust on it than I thought there was. The previous owner had it for a year and left it outside and the guy before him had it sitting in his garage for 5 years. If nothing else it will be a good learner car. As far as i can tell its all stock, manual and not the turbo version though id like to put one on one day. As for damage so far, somebody tried to steal the front bumper (when it was in that guys garage) which ruined the air dam cause the tossers didnt know about the 2 bolts connected to the fenders which are damaged too. Rust every where im finding out, hole rotted under passenger seat, rust bubbling up around the top of the windshield, the usual rusted on nuts and bolts (better get a dozen cans of WD40) and a mouse nest on top of the engine. Its just a track car but I want the little lady to look respectable, though I bet that will be a challenge going to a drag track with a mostly stock Datsun. I'm there to have fun and go down the track not beat anyone, though that would be a bonus. The plan is to keep most of it stock since im on a pretty strict budget because i would like to attend an auto mechanics school in the fall. She's already undergoing severe diet surgery since that is one of the few things im capable of doing on my own. My roommate is a mechanic and he told me the first thing i need to do is get a race brake booster which will be priced out today, and if its affordable enough, purchased.  I'll worry about the rollcage later because its not going to break the 12 second barrier let alone the 10 second. Unfortunately its not run yet because there is no battery which will also change today. Still have to drain the several year old gas as well. Can anyone tell me how to get rid of all the vacuum lines for the fuel injection system? Id like to minimize the amount of stuff in the engine bay. Also is there a better, inexpensive ecu I could put in it just to limit things and make it more effective? Hope to hear from you guys. Pics to follow. Thomas

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