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Water outlet gasket "fit"

Ben's Z

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I have been puzzled putting the last few pieces of my engine.  To start off with my oil pickup/strainer  to block gasket was not quite lining up properly either when I put it on. The spread between the bolt holes on the gasket wasn't nuts on with the pick up.  It wasn't enough to cause me great concern.  All other gaskets from this Fel Pro set have been fine, now the water outlet one doesn't look or fit right.  I can always get some gasket sheets and cut my own, just weird/annoying.


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Mine was the same. I've had some sets that didn't come with one side of the front cover as well...

Get some gasket making material from the store or if you're lazy you can use some thick stock paper/folders. You can trace and cut out the shape or use a small ball hammer, place the paper on the surface, tap around the edges and it will tap out.

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