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Chrome Fiberglass bumpers. Any one done?


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Thanks for the gratuitous plug:) Am glad you liked the work......looks like you must have put some real elbow grease into your lenses as well. Your car looks great! If you ever run across a decent 260z with an automatic tranny, let me know. (it's for the little lady......she doesnt know how to drive a manual transmission). Anyway, I feel like I've inadvertently hi-jacked Brian's thread.......my apologies to you, Brian, but will keep you posted on the progress of the fiberglass bumper project:)



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You know what I see? A bunch of people with fake bumpers and cheap mentality. You want the look of chrome... but not the price or effort involved. Not going to happen folks. You are stuck with the grade B or even grade C look by your own doing. What kind of person cheaps out on the final touches like that? The cars jewelry. I will tell ya. The same people spray painting stainless steel. People with no taste. Fiberglass bumpers, pfffft. Dont worry about justifying your purchase in a response, I wont be reading. If it makes you feel better, just imagine that you really educated me on the finer points of your Fisher Price bumpers. Photo048me.jpg


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I know this is really old post but I thought an update may help someone. As of NOW September 2023. Paul's Chrome in Pennsylvania (800) 245-8679 no longer plates fiberglass.  Some of the products they used to make the conductive base changed and they no longer get reliable plating.


I found Metal Fusion in Texas (940) 276-0034 that does. To plate a 1969 Ford Mustang rear fiberglass bumper is $2200. It was a bit of sticker shock. For comparison Paul's in Pennsylvania currently charges around $1000 for plating the metal bumper. Both shops stated show car quality plating.


Hopefully this update is helpful.


Charles in Pensacola 

69 Mach 1 Mustang 428 CJ Shaker hood R code


Link to my build on Utube


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