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Datsun 260Z Turbo S15 6 Speed TechnoToyTuning

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No progress on the Z!


Sad to say all the parts are ready. Just gotta get other stuff out of the way.



B13 Sentra, VVL motor is great. The damage from hitting a curb directly on the a/c compressor caused more damage than I thought.


The total damage has been:



3 mounts

Both axles



Good news is the transmission that was in the car was not an LSD. Scored one and will have that done this week.


In the man time had to upgrade along the way.


Wilwood front brakes

94 Maxima rear calipers

Rota grid wheels


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Got the datsun back together.


Started right up.


2 issues exhaust leak and oil cooler line leaks at the filter sandwhich Plate.


Tune seems off. Was chasing to many other things to get into that. New motor is the L26 bored out to L28. I'm sure I will have to go thru the tune again.

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She lives!


Got the oil lines to stop puking. Still have the exhaust leak.


Running issue was the map sensor vacuum line was not fitting snugly on the manifold.


Now if someone would take the z32 wheels off the q45 and put back on the Datsun, fix the broken wheel stud. Remove the down pipe replace the gasket it can be driven.

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Drove down to check on thingz! Savannah to Orlando


Helped to get the wheels back on the Z. Long story short, Alex picked up a q45 and put the z32 wheels off the z on the Q year ago.


So 2 broken studs later and 3 coats of plasti dip on the old q45 wheels. Got the wheels sorted out. With plans to drive the Z.


Fixed the oil cooler lines that were leaking. We Fired the z up and took it for a spin first time since October 2014. 1 year. Did not fix the down pipe exhaust leak. Ordered the wrong gasket. Alex was driving and said the brakes are not boosted. Needed a lot of effort to stop. Figured we put the one way valve in the wrong direction. Short trip but was awesome.


Drove home, have to fix the exhaust leak, put the hood back on, one electric fan is rubbing somewhere and work on the tune. Going to put a couple hundred miles on the motor, do a valve adjustment and maybe see if we can get some dyno time.


hopefully this will be done quickly. Then we can start sorting out body work. Alex has decided to go with fender flares, deciding o what wheels we will run. Do that at same time we fix the lower doors and lower fenders. Of there rust issues. Rear spoiler as well.


tough working 4 hrs away.

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Yes very fortunate to have the time and interest with my son's.


Came back down this weekend, lots of house work. Pool, finishing the removal of the old hvac in the utility room. Dry wall, paint, base boards, etc. Yard work some asphalt patch, tomorrow work on the porch and try to stop the leak in the roof.


Got the A/C fixed in the B13 SE-R. Control board shorted, fixed wire and new board. Fixed the short in the fog lights, thought we fixed the cigarette lighter but nope. Made arrangements with a friend that has a body shop to fix the top motor mount that got wacked. Then he has got to get the exhaust rebent so it doesn't hit the suspension when turning left.


Took the exhaust off the Z. The flange was warped, the 4 bolting ears were all bent in. So, the bolts would not clamp. We spent some time on the belt sander and got it flat again. Alex is going to take it to the muffler man and have a flex pipe put in after the down pipe.


So got the cars in good running shape, took them to the local car meet. I got to drive B13 and follow the Z. I did sneak a drive around the block. One 240z with a stroker (LD28 crank, SU carbs redone by Robello) black with 5 speed , nismo racing seats, rota wheels. Sounded real healthy. Also a 510 2dr with a miata motor & tranny. Was a blast hanging.


We filed up the Z, got 11.5 mph. Lot of time idling i hope, we do have the tune rich.


Well until next time, oh yeah Alex loaned his Q45 to a friend last week and the Alternator died. That's on the list as well.

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Now for the next issue.


Alex figured out that the turbo internal waste gate is not working. The flapper is not moving.

So, removing to see if there is something wrong.


He is taking the arm off and going to see if he can manually move it first.


I am back in North east Georgia and will not be back until turkey day.


I wish he could get a break. Every step is a challenge.

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