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What is a CF dash worth to you?

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I am waiting for someone to lend me his dash to take it to the fabricator. The fabricator is finishing up a Porsche 996 CF dash now, looks pretty sweet. I will be interested to see what he says about the Z dash. I told him, it's all or nothing as far as the dash, no cover. I'm also taking a center console to go with it!

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The dash is at the fabricator now. I left it with him so he can poke and prod it for a while. After showing me the custom dash he made for a race Porsche I was impressed with his skills. We both agreed that te metal frame will stay. It just makes everything easier and more affordable and have a greater mass appeal for the DIYer.

I will keep this updated as I started a thread on a FG dash.

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Ok guys Topstage will make them, but shipping is from AUZZIE..



They were about 900 dollars for the carbon. Post up if your ready to get in a group buy. He was quoted 580 for shipping (only for one) i would be interested to see bulk shipping rates. Then we can redistribute stateside.

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