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Hi...i have a problem with my L20et engine...i got the engine from a buddy but the fuel pump relay and EFI relays are missing and don't know where on the ECU the wires for those relays are located...i wanted to know if you can send me a picture or a wiring diagram for this engine please or if you can tell me what pins on the ECU is the wires. Its the original 3 jack type ECU, its also an uncut harness, all the other wires are connected in place straight from the factory from years ago...I could be wrong in asking for this because I don't really know if the ECU controls the fuel pump relay & the E.F.I relay, but i've been looking at L28et diagrams and I saw these relays and thought that since the L20et & L28et are so similar they both should have the same components...but didn't know they had 2 different ECU setups sad.png

but here's the problem i've been facing...when i connect the fuel directly meaning i just ground it and connect the other end to the battery and start the engine it runs for a minute and cuts off...when i disconnect the pump the car starts and idles and revs but as soon as the rpm comes back down from revving the car cuts off...i have the fuel regulator set at 40psi by the way....when i just connect the pump for 3 seconds to pressurize the rail and start the car its starts and idles for 7 mins without the fuel pump on but as soon as i rev it the car cuts off...but if keep pulsing the wire for the fuel pump on the battery off/on off/on the car works fine...and when i want it to idle i just have to disconnect the pump and when its about to cut off give it the 3 seconds connection. This is when i realized that the fuel pump relay and EFI relays were missing and was controlled by the ECU. 


Or if somebody would be kind enough to buy this books for me http://www.tradebit.com/filedetail.php/163222026-datsun-l14-l16-l18-l20-l20a-engine


...I would have any problems cause I ain't got no money to buy it i know it sound crazy but that is what I need LOL pleaseeee!!  :icon46:  Thanks! My E-mail: brandy93_bmm@rocketmail.com or brandy93_bmm@yahoo.com.



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