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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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Hi Alex...

Sorry to hear you are having these problems. As you said... not unexpected, as I clearly documented these issues with the stock cable before the ordering process began.

The only way i see if rectifying the problem, would be to remove the extra tab on the lever arm entirely, then grinding the arm to shape so that it will accept the cable clevis. If you do this, ensure you remove as little material as possible whilst still allowing free travel of the clevis through the whole travel arc of the lever

Keep us informed how you go!


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speelling :)

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I wish I still lived in SoCal, where they have everything one might be looking for (speed shops etc.)  I think I'd have my brackets yellow zinc dipped, instead of powdercoated....


When you live where I am, there are no good places like that locally ...   :(

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