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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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On the phone yes. Emails? He overlooked two of my emails :lol:

He is not great when it comes to replying to emails  !.


I emailed him dozens of times about his e-brake caliper system that he was developing, but he never replied, hense the reason i have had to do my own...Twice !. Thats OK though...probably a very busy man with a great business

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I searched a bit for the available sizes on the Wilwood website and these would fit:


I already mailed Dave, but who knows when he will answer.



Thanks for this info.....I have checked the Spec sheets for all three of these calipers, and all three will fit according to the two critical dimensions i designed to. Although my Dynolite 4 Pistons are now obsolete, they have maintained consistency with manufacturing specs and standard measurements. I thought this was the case, but simply hadn't checked before to confirm.


So, those of you who haven't bought your kits from Dave yet, dont panic - go and order with confidence !..No need to bother him with questions that he may never reply to.





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UPDATE : I am a few days away from having the cable finally arrive....wont take long to fit it, then I can test it out...finally !




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GOOD NEWS !....and bad news  :(


The brand new cable arrived finally....the manufacturer has been difficult to work with, but I was excited when it finally arrived.


Turns out....The Cable guy decided in his wisdom, to ignore the dimensions I specified on my drawing for the fitting that fits in the Caliper Arm Boss.....he used a standard fitting that is very similar, and just decided that this was good enough ! (Didnt even bother asking me). Needless to say, it didn't fit as the diameter was 2mm too large !. So...in the interest of making some progress and being able to test the system out, I decided to drill out the Hole in the Caliper Arm Boss to suit the new fitting. As you can see from the attached photo, once drilled out, there is very little thickness left, (and therefore strength), and no doubt in time will break off.


Anyway, after the modification I proceeded to fit the cable, and the test was great ! - The system works wonderfully and I am very pleased to finally have a functioning Handbrake !


I am NOT prepared however, to make this kit available with the cable as he has produced it...Its simply not professional, not to mention safe to expect you guys to 'make things fit' !


So, unfortunately, a little more time is needed - I'm going to see if i can find another manufacturer....or see what can be done with the current guy.


I've attached a few pics.... one showing the modification i had to do (one side modified, the other unmodified...see the difference !), another showing the new cable in its entirety, and another showing how the cable looks when connected to the caliper on the car !


Thanks guys for your patience....I'm sure you can appreciate my insistence on getting this right so you don't encounter any issues.






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Hey All....here with an Update.


As per my previous Post, Im having trouble with the cable Guy, and in fact i think his product is way too expensive anyway.


So, with Christmas fast approaching, I am going to put the cable on hold untill the new year....Sorry for the inconvenience.


However, I am happy to go ahead and take orders for JUST THE brackets if people are interested. If I start this early next week, I could have them in the post in about 2 weeks.


This will at least allow you to fit your calipers up to your car, and you can either source your own cable, or wait untill Ive got mine sorted out.


Let me know your thoughts guys...


Please bear in mind, I will need to do at least 10 sets to make it viable...I currently have 8...9 including a new set for myself....this is fine..I can definately proceed with this.





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Moving forward - I have a solid quote from the Laser cutters & machinists to do their thing.


1 Set of brackets will be US$245.


This price is based on getting 10 sets done, so unfortunately, if i only get 5 orders, then the price will increase somewhat.


I am having trouble with the Cable Manufacturer as previously mentioned...mainly on being able to supply me exactly what i need, but also price. He is currently quoting around $300 for the cable alone !. The prototype cable he made for me was $275, however he chose to ignore critical dimensions and made the cable up as he saw fit....basically, to do it properly, he has to machine up new fittings to suit.


So...I am suggesting that any interested parties purchase the brackets only, and you can either (1) organise your own cable, or (2) wait until i get mine sorted....in the new year sometime.


I apologise for this, I have tried my best to make it happen so that the cable was also ready, but alas, its not to be.


So, the price will be US$245 without the cable.


Postage can only be confirmed once i have a set available to package and take to the post office, however, based on the last brackets i made up (which were similar) , it will be around $100 - $120 to the USA. The brackets are made from 12mm Mild Steel plate, and the postage is calculated on weight....nothing i can do about this unfortunately.


So....here's is how i intend on working it...


I'm sure you all can appreciate that I cant take a hit by going ahead and getting all the plates done, and then finding some people who ordered have changed their minds. So, i will do it exactly the same way as i did the last time. I will require a US$150 deposit, paid into my Paypal account. This will secure your set. Once I have confirmed shipping prices, you can pay the Balance, along with the shipping cost, and the brackets will be shipped to you. If you are uncomfortable with this, please find the blog on here about the first handbrake kit i produced. read through it and you will see that you WILL get what you pay for. 


So there it is Peeps....I am going away until Sunday the 11th Dec, so hopefully when i check my emails then I will have enough Orders to proceed.


My Paypal account is kwgilbert71@gmail.com


PS. If for some reason we cant proceed...you will get your money back. Rest Easy !





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