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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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A friend just bought the complete rear kit from silverminemotors with the Wilwood calipers, mc4 calipers and the oem brake cable.

Is it even necessary in your kit to buy the new cable?





I wasn't aware of this kit, but have just checked it out online. Subsequently I have just gone out to the shed to investigate if the OEM cable will connect to the MC4....I did check this way back in the beginning, but perhaps i missed something...


Using my old stock OEM 260Z cable....i see no way of mounting it without modification. The hole in the caliper through which the end fitting of the cable passes through is not large enough. So, without reaming out that hole there is no chance. I don't know if the 240Z cable is different. Secondly, the clevis arrangement on the OEM cable does not fit correctly into the lever arm of the MC4. You will not get the pin in without modification to one or the other. also, i don't believe there would be quite enough length even if the fittings did fit, due to where the MC4's now mount as opposed to where the OEM cable originally connected to the drum brakes.See the attached photos of what i found....


It has to be noted, that in order to test the system recently, with the (incorrect) cable I received from my manufacturer, i had to enlarge that hole...this is NOT desirable, and has left the caliper compromised for strength in my opinion....and if it were to be done, A machine shop would need to do this in order to guarantee that you didn't 'snap' off one or both of the fingers whilst drilling, as the drill bit tends to grip and grab....there isn't much thickness to start with. I was lucky !


My intention is to provide a kit that will bolt up first time, without modification to your 260Z. The hard work is done, its just a matter of the cable, and i have good news on that front...I have found a supplier that is LOCAL, and believes he can make the cable no problems, and significantly cheaper than the previous supplier. I am awaiting an email from him.


Updates coming Soon....








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from Silverminemotors:



Well that is interesting....that is not the same as my OEM 260Z cable. I wonder why the Clevis isnt connected ?..probably because it wont line up without mods...unless the clevis is different on a 240Z once again.


Anyway...enough said.....its your call whether or not you want the cable.

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I'm using the 300zxtt rear hub bearing / 300 zxtt 5 lug hub with the AZC rear wilwood brake. Will your mounting plate work with this so I can add a parking brake?

Mate its hard for me to say without seeing obviously.


If you are using the 240z/260z AZC kit...then the offsets etc should be right...the 5 lugs arent an issue though

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Hi All,


OK, I have some great news. New cable from new supplier has arrived. The quality is BETTER, and the price is CHEAPER !.... Hooray !


I have attached some pics of the kit installed.


As its been some time since i got my original pricing from the machinist, i need to confirm tomorrow that prices havent changed. I will post full details in the next couple of days.


I would like to thank everyone for their patience....it seems like an eternity since i first started this exercise !.....Life gets in the way as Im sure you can appreciate !


Details to follow....






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I would like to start by saying a BIG thankyou to everyone for your patience. It has been trying for me too !!!


So..I am ready now to start accepting deposits for your kits.


Due to previous discussions regarding the usage of stock OEM cables (Im still not convinced !)...I am happy to supply the kit with or without cables. It must be noted that if you own a 240Z, and you purchase my cable, you MAY have to perform a slight modification to your car, at the point where the cable connects to the Body. The holes on early cars are smaller than that of later models. Please refer to the link below, and navigate to page 5 for pictures. I encountered this on my MK 1 Version of my kit. PLEASE...if you are unwilling to make this small moficiation, please dont order the Cable !



* The Full Kit comprises of 2 Brackets (LH & RH), New Handbrake Cable, 2 e-clips, and 2 Brake Hose Retainers. 


* The Half Kit comprises of 2 Brackets (LH & RH), 2 Brake Hose Retainers.


* Full Kit price is USD$425 + Paypal fee of 2.6%. Total of USD$436 (postage excluded)


* Half Kit price is USD$245 + Paypal fee of 2.6%. Total of USD$251 (postage exluded)


NOTE : The Kits DO NOT include the Wilwood MC4 Calipers


Postage can only be confirmed once i have a set available to package and take to the post office, however, based on the last kits I made up (which were similar) , it will be around USD$100 - USD$170 to the USA, depending on the service required. The brackets are made from 12mm Mild Steel plate, and the postage is calculated on weight....nothing i can do about this unfortunately.


So....here's is how i intend on working it...


I'm sure you all can appreciate that I cant take a hit by going ahead and getting all the plates and cables done, and then finding some people who ordered have changed their minds. So, i will do it exactly the same way as i did the last time. I will require a US$200 deposit, paid into my Paypal account. This will secure your set. Once the kits are ready, and I have confirmed shipping prices, you can pay the Balance, along with the shipping cost, and the brackets will be shipped to you. 


I appreciate some people may be uncomfortable with this, however it is designed to protect me from being left with merchandise. Feel free to read through the entire blog on the above mentioned link, and you will see that I am trustworthy and true to my word. You will recieve what you pay for, and, for piece of mind, all funds will remain in the Paypal account untill the packages have been sent. 


I have been in touch with both the machinists, and the cable manufacturers, and due to their work loads, production can only start as of 13th March. Kits will be ready approximately 2 weeks after that.


So, this allows for plenty of time to build up the 10 orders required, and more if it so happens ! 


NOTE : Please do not wait till the last minute to place your order - the sooner you place your order, the sooner the '10 set' goal will be reached. From experience, last time, people were reluctant to put their money down, and it spooked others into the same frame of mind. So Rest Easy.... I will keep you fully updated as to the progress of the count.




- 1st Payment of USD $200 Confirms your order.

- 2nd Payment (Balance of Kit + Postage) will be due when Kit is ready for posting - You will be advised of postage price before this time.


Once you have paid your deposit, please PM me, with your FULL NAME, email address, and postage address. I will need these to get postage prices when the time comes.


My Paypal account is kwgilbert71@gmail.com









* If for some reason we cant proceed BEFORE manufacture...you will get your money back. Rest Easy !

* This kit is designed to work with the existing rear AZC Kit. The seller makes no assumtions that it will fit with any other manufacturers kits.

* A small modification (detailed above) may be required to your car.

* If you change your mind AFTER production has started, your deposit may be forfeited. Please be 100% sure when ordering.

* This kit is designed for Off-Road Use only. By fitting this kit you acknowledge all terms, and absolve the seller of all liability if something goes wrong.

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Thank you for making this happen! I have one question before I place my deposit. Does this kit retain the same maximum diameter of the azc kit? I have 15 inch wheels with very little clearance between the caliper and the inner side of the rim.







This is a good question.... I went straight to my 3D Model and did some measurements, then looked at the Wilwood Technical Drawings, then checked out the real thing...


There is a difference in overall radius of 5.5mm. The Main Calipers Positioning is EXACTLY the same as the Stock AZC bracket, but the MC4 protrudes 5.5mm more.


I have attached the Wilwood Drawings of Both Calipers...Refer to Dimension 'E' (Outside Radius) for both Calipers, based on the 12.19" Rotor. You can see the 5.5mm difference there. Do NOT be fooled by the actuator arm, this is actually MORE inboard than the strut tower...i.e your wheels will hit the Strut tower before they hit the Actuator Lever


I also have attached 2 pics of the setup on my car....measured as accurately as possible without making a proper Jig...the black line represents the outermost radius on the Main caliper, and you can see the the Outermost radius on the MC4 is slightly more - so it confirms the Design Drawings !


Hope this helps everyone !





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