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Wilwood emergency/parking brake brackets

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* RB26powered74zcar      DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou !


* Ereschkigal                     DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou !              


* Ericz                               DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou !


* Rob L                             DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou ! 


* rossman                         DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou ! 


* Nelsonian                       DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou !


* mutantZ                         DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou !


* SR240Z                         DEPOSIT RECEIVED   Thankyou !


8 Confirmed Orders - Machinists & Cable manufacturers have been given the go ahead. New orders can still be taken up to the point where the machinists have finished....if you want in...YOU MUST MESSAGE / EMAIL me before sending your deposit so I can check with them to make sure i can add another set.
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Hi All,


OK....For the past two weeks I have been politely pressuring both the Machinists, and the Cable Manufacturer. I have heard back from both of them today.


- The Machinist - They have been struggling with workload....currently working 24 hours a day. I was told that the brackets "should" be done by the end of the week.


- Cable Manufacturer - Got word back today - the Custom fittings had to be made, and are currently being electroplated. They will be assembled later on this week, or very early next week, with delivery towards the end of next week.


I wish I had better news.....Unfortunately its stuff that's out of my control, but we're almost there guys...I appreciate your patience.


As soon as I get the plates back, I can use the prototype cable in the packaging to get postage prices, so you should all receive emails with postage prices and options early next week. Those of you that ordered the kit without the Cable, your kits will be able to be posted hopefully early next week also.





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