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OG still rockin the RB26....

Booztd 3

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Noticed a few of my posts have been stickied since I left - cool to know people still appreciate some good info from time to time!


I have been busy as ever with my car lately. I fixed a bunch of crap on the car over the winter and in the process upgraded to ID2000 injectors. My 1000's were on the ragged edge of 100% duty cycle so I wanted to give myself some headroom. I didn't make any other "power" related changed except the addition of a GM boost control solenoid. This coming winter I am looking to build an engine for this car so if anyone has or knows of a good RB26 short/long block for sale please let me know! I went up to Sound Performance yesterday and spun the rollers over.

I don't think any microphone can do justice to what this thing sounds like at full song....its ear piercing


Yes - This car is still on a stock shortblock - so don't be hesitant to push the envelope guys!

At a little over 30psi the car made ~770rwhp and ~645 ft/lbs. We went for 35 psi but it mis-fired a few times and we ran out of time to adjust the dwell settings. I kind of battled the car getting hot all day which made for a little pain but all in all I am happy with the car.

Here's a dyno chart of the run before it made 770 (the 770 run we didn't monitor torque so I didnt take the print out) and a surprise that was waiting for me when I got home tonight


Here's a chart showing the 770 pull vs the 35 psi pull. You can see on the blue line (35psi) it was making 50-60rwhp more than 30 psi at the 108mph mark but started misfiring around the 115mph mark (no RPM signal so no torque values)


One of the biggest undertakings over the winter was I painted the engine bay. I pulled everything out and did it right - Used a single stage PPG in superwhite. I think it turned out great after doing a bit of house cleaning



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I haven't done any parts sales in several years. With as low as part prices are on ebay it is really not worth the effort. Now I just stick to completing peoples projects (something you cant replicate and sell on ebay  :)


I only ran an auto for a very short time, which was to aid in helping BDE develop their TH400 adapter kit. At that time, I switched back to the 5sp  and have been running that ever since.

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You like LS turbo setups huh?


I got bored with my Z32 last year so I built this little gem. From the day I pulled it in bone stock to the garage to a dyno chart and completion was 3 months


I fabricated the entire turbo system and did the tuning






Over 340 pictures of the build here




That car was a TON of fun. Sold it to free up some funds earlier this year

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