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Please help fill in the blanks.

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There are some connections near the throttle body that I don't know where they should be connected to. Can someone identify them and tell me where they needs to be connected. Much appreciated.


PIC 1: There are 3 hoses at the throttle body, I know 2 are coolant bypass, I blocked them off, and there is another long narrow hose shown in picture. Can anyone show me where it should go??



PIC2: A plug that is not connected.



PIC3: Another plug?



PIC 4: Plug again? I don't know where it should go.



Please help!!

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Thanks Vandergriff for answering. I have fixed the problem. Major problem is the MAF. It was broken, I've changed and car boom idles normal. Now I have another problem will post on other thread.



Pic 1 is just a vacuum hose, pic 2 I believe is the sense plug for the alternator and pic 3 is the coolant temp sensor for the dash. I am not sure of the last one, I may need a better picture to tell for sure.

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