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Hey all I'm new to posting on Hybrid Z, but not new to the forum. There is so much invaluable knowledge that I've found on this forum that has motivated me to move forward with my project.


I'm currently in automotive school and work at a garage and plan on working on it as much as I can.


The story behind the Z is special to me. It was my grandfathers before it was mine. He grew up racing Porsches in SCCA races, but he always drove a Z (240z all the way to 300zx) as his daily to and from work. I have many fond memories of riding in the passenger seat winding around riverside roads with my grandfather.


Around 35 years ago he put his 1971 240Z in storage. Sadly it wasn't climate controlled and a lot of moisture got in and started rust. It now has a lot of dust and corrosion, but nothing that's not salvageable. Only the rear rockers are needing patching, floor pans are good as far as I've been able to see so far, as well as underneath battery tray. The hatch is in pretty bad shape but I picked up a 260z hatch as a replacement and am going to put the glass from the 240 in it. Due to an accident when moving the car into storage the drivers door was opened too far and bent the area near the hinge. I'm looking for a door to replace the damaged one.


I'm excited for where this project will end up. I'm towing from the storage unit to my house (70mi) on a car trailer this week and I'm going to clean up and take detailed photos of everything for you all to see.


I love this forum and I want to thank all the members for providing all the awesome content that is already here and am glad o be a part of this awesome community.

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I don't know if it is a series 1 or not. How would I tell so I know when I look at it this weekend?


And Leon, I saw your door for sale and it would be perfect. But I did see that it's on the other side of the country. I have a Z specialist garage (Z Docs...no one on here has seemed to have heard of it) just down the road from me, and the owner is retiring and selling off his absolutely monster outs stash of old Z parts. I keep meaning to make a post on here detailing what all he has availible since he said I could sell and ship on here for commission for him. I'll have to get to that for everyone's benefit!

If he doesn't have a door availible (I've emailed him...waiting on the old fart to get back to me) or not one for a reasonable I wouldn't be opposed to pay you a little more than you're asking for the door for your trouble. And of course shipping. I'll let you know.

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