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S13 or 14 rear axle assy into s130


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i have installed a S14 rear sub frame into my 280zx and the benefits were night and day.  I had so  uch more adjustability on the multi link rear suspension vs the trailing arm of the original 280zx.  I had rose jointed and made my original trailing arm suspension fully adjustable with custom made suspension but i was still not satisfied with its hi speed bumpy cornering performance.  the swap to the s14 multi link worked the magic for me.  time and investment well spent. 

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What shock/spring were used before/after? Where you able to raise the roll centers as others have mentioned? How much weight was added doing the swap?  Are your tire temps more consistent?  What were lap times before and after the swap?  What benefits other than "Magic" have you experienced? 

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I've got a few pics of my s14 suspension project posted in the gallery here:




And a few for my oem-sourced brake upgrade here:




At some point I will be taking the whole thing apart to make a few minor mods, repaint the whole thing, and take more detailed pics.

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