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Hi everyone,


Recently my uncle has helped me to tackle the issue of my heater not working. Upon taking out the glovebox and center console to get an idea of what's happening (or rather what isn't), we noticed a couple things.


- The cable that is actuated by the temperature control seems to be rusty and isn't moving. It's also bent. The one I'm referring to is the one that's behind the passenger side dash, not the one that's connected directly to the switch on the control panel.


- The hoses for the inlet and outlet of the heater core should be replaced. I was hoping to replace the heater core while we were at it because i'm almost positive it's original, but the hoses would need to be replaced at the same time.


- The heater control valve seems to be pretty worn out and may not be functioning. I'm not entirely sure what this part is actually called or what its specific functions are, but there is some sort of spring mechanism attached to it. My uncle is fairly certain it's some kind of thermostat. It's the part that is shown in this picture:





And of course, finding these parts has been nearly impossible. I found hoses for the inlet and outlet of the heater core on ebay, but they're over $20 each. I've only found the heater valve in one place and it's priced at $200 there. As for the temperature linkage, I haven't been able to find anything. I'm not sure if this is because I don't know the proper names or perhaps these parts are just impossible to find.


Can anyone help point me in the direction of where to buy these parts?





- Brandon

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