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CirClips R200 CV Turbo Axles

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Here's the set-up:


1.  I have a 3:36 R200 with clsd and the additional clutches purchased from a Member.

2.  The axles are CV from the same 300Z Turbo as the clsd.

3.  MM early welded up cv adaptors.


What I did:


4.  I purchased set of cv axles out of a Nissan Pathfinder.

5.  Disassembled the Pathfinder axles and Disassembled the 300Z cv axles.

6.  Reassembled the 300Z axles swapping the driver's side 300 cv axle to the passenger side

7.  Reassembled the 300Z axle  swapping in the shorter Pathfinder axle to the driver's side.


Reassembly using Cir Clip:


8.  I noted that neither of my CV axles had cir-clips attached to the input shaft that is splined and cut for cir-clips ("input" shaft is that portion fitted into the differential).  Not a problem, as the Pathfinder input shaft did have a cir clip.  I removed that cir- clip and installed it on my Turbo axle input shaft.  The fit was loose, but did not "hang down".  There were small  light marks on the Pathfinder cir-clip that correspond to the splines on my 300 cv input shaft.


The Problem:


9.  The passenger side axle does not slid in and "click" as the cir-clip expands.  It stops dead as the cir-clip begins to enter the  spider gear.  Light taps on the end of the axle with a dead hammer does not move the axle.  If I remove the cir-clip the axle engages and moves all the way in.


My First Resolution:


10.  I thought the Pathfinder cir-clip was not compressing or was not compatible with this assortment of R200 parts. 


The Confusion:


11.  Searching for Nissan cir-clips, I pulled the input shafts of two other long nose R200's in my garage.  No cir-clips on any of the four.  I then went to my favorite JY in search of 300Z.  Found one 86 or so Turbo, R200 non-lsd.  Pulled the passenger side axle..... NO CIR-CLIP.  Ok, pulled the other side and, again, no cir-clip.


There is no doubt that each of these input shafts are machined for a cir-clip of some sort.  The spider gears they fit into are also machined with a corresponding groove.  So now, my questions are:

         a.   Did Nissan ship these cars without a cir-clip retaining the input shaft in the spider gear?

         b.   What is the effect of running these axles w/o cir-clips and

         c.    Where do I find cir-clips for this application?


I might add that cir-clip or none, the input shafts still needed leverage to "pop" them out of the differential. 






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What model and year pathfinder was used to swap the shafts to the 300zx cv axles?

Would it work on 300zx cv axles sold by rock auto? their shafts use tripod joints instead of birfield. 

I currently swapped the r200 into 240z and trying to convert to 300zx cv axles. However, the cv axles are a bit too long. Perhaps the pathfinder swap will solve the issue.


Thank you

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