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Modern Motorsports CV Flanges R230 Swap

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So I purchased a R230 Conversion from Ross @ MM and everything came in about a month.  I was unaware of his health conditions as I forged on with by build putting together my Q45 1/2 shafts and then sourcing 280Z stub axles from a friend in Richmond (27 spline) confirming it's 1.09 in OD.  So the other day I started down the rear strut build and mated up the companion flange to the 280Z axle flange. Problem identified (ok you're building a hybrid Z, these come up all the time right...) so the companion flange sent is 1.25.  I had emailed Ross to no avail when I posted a comment about this in another forum sent me a PM about Ross.  This is sad news indeed.  I emailed his father since he posted but have not heard back either. So I am now asking the Z community here what these would are actually for (280ZX conversion?)  and options to move on with my build.  Don't know if Mike or John would know what the future is for MM- sit and wait? Go to Chequered Flag for my parts and sell what I have? 



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Chequered Flag uses MM's supplier. It sounds like the companion flange fits the 39 spline chromoly stub axles. It may be that Ross never had those parts made for the 27 spline axles. If they were made, Joe @ Chequered Flag could get them for you. If not, one (good) solution would be to upgrade to the chromo stubs. 

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Yep, it's the 39 spline so I'll have to go with the upgrade or eat it- so I'd rather upgrade all said and done.  It's the better choice anyway just didn't want to shell out the 700 this year...and thought they could be swapped out - nothing on Ross's website about the larger flange or spline count - what I ordered is this -http://www.modern-motorsports.com/catalog/product_info.php?cPath=32_53&products_id=65  and as it states - "These billet pieces only match up with 280Z stub axles which ARE stronger than 240Z units so if you have the chance to upgrade from 240Z stub axles and companion flanges, you can directly swap in our billet 280Z stub axles (or used OEM 280Z units, your option) and our billet CV adaptor/companion flanges"   ... Thanks for the feedback at least I know what the next steps are.   

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