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Ms3x install


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  • 3 weeks later...

Well the new flywheel worked out well . I also bumped up my injector size to 42lb Bosch’s.

Made the change in fuel requirement and it fired right up and idled well. Drove it around for about an hours and let Tuner Analyze do it’s thing . Most cells were a bit rich, but not off a bunch . Now I won’t have to worry about pushing my 26lb injectors to their limit . 
I even did a 0-60 time to verify tune and it was the same exact time down to the 100th second 


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22 hours ago, HuD 91gt said:

Very interesting about the dwell. What made you come up with that idea?

Not 100% that this was necessarily a fix , still tuning . When I searched on EFI support the recommendations had changed to 4ms for the D-585 coils. Someone actually got the GM dwell tables and copied them . Another guy came up with 3.7ms based on GM tables . Anyways MSextra recommends 4

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  • 5 months later...

Did a little clean up in the engine bay today . Moved that damn stepper IAC to lose some off the rubber hoses I had everywhere . Finally got a good oil/air separator for the crankcase . 
Have my second wide band set up now . One for each bank of cylinders 




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  • 2 years later...

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