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You ever just poking around your company server...curious?

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I don't recommend doing that, it just gets you upset.

Been getting flack for my expense reports...time cards... blah blah blah...

I poked around amazed at finding everybody else's. Great Security there...

Things I was told were 'unacceptable' were found routinely on everybody else's submissions.




All this because after the third phone call after I'd gone asleep, and not wanting to deal with a secretary with an attitude.... I hung up on her.


Since then, talk about "bitch magnus"! How DARE I hang up on her! She is a PROFESSIONAL, don't you know (and has mentioned it on several occasions since...)


Oh brother... The job is fine. 


But man, this kind of shite just wears you down. And poking around the server confirmed things I never wanted confirmed as it just pisses me off more!

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I have done the same thing, for some reason we have alot of folks who are not computer savvy or just don't know how to actually use the database.


There is one server that is private to hold all information that is sensitive including personal folders. Then there is the company corporate server that is public (to an extent) that folks plaster all their personnel info, their employee info, and "all the not so smart you shouldn't write any of this you can get fired stuff".


I did find some things that annoyed me, but can't act on it since I wasn't suppose to be there in the first place. I just play the happy employee in the open, but when in my office I just go whatever ...

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I once found salaries from every employees in the company + rewards letters.

It got me upset: rewards for managers that did nothing but being on top of somebody who did the job (without any reward on his side), super high salary on people who were clueless, etc.

I just realized I was far away from being paid as I should compared to some other people. It's probably better to ignore those kind of info...


I was also part of union to represent people in front of management. I had access to payroll of the entire company (without knowing who earn what, it was only sorted per level). When my boss told me I was well paid, it was easy to tell him to stop telling **** in front of me since I knew what was behind... 

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Back when I was a partner in a software company we would periodically scan all the servers and PCs to see what folks had loaded on the company equipment.  We stood three employees up in front at an all hands meeting and fired them very publicly for all the porn they had on their machines.  We referred one to the local district attorney and provided the evidence. We also told all the people, by name, who had downloaded music and video that we had deleted it all just before the meeting.  One guy was running a DJ business on the side off our servers and he was pissed and started to mouth off.  He was given the option of shutting up or getting fired.  He shut up.  Never, ever had a problem again.

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I still can't see why some folks would want to download/watch porn at work, knowing you could get fired and caught. Over the past year, 4 employees at my property were let go (2 hourly employees watching it in the break room, 1 manager, and 1 who had a picture on the wall from the previous supervisor) because of porn or very inappropriate items.


My department got flagged a few years ago, when one of the supervisors was researching a picture to draw Casper the friendly ghost for one of the employee kid's birthday and a virus straight to porn. Within 5 minutes IT and security were inside the office going what are you doing. Still a running joke to this day.

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Yeah, this was more a "I'm getting yellow warm fluid down my back and being told it's rain" snooping. 

"You're the only one..." kinda stuff.


One of the things that pissed me off was, apparently, two people in the section where I work apparently actually READ the SOP and Instructions for completing their expenses. Me, and another guy who recently quit. I know nobody else taught him to do it the way he did, and he did it the same way I did....and nobody showed me, I just read the SOP and Instructions and filled it out accordingly.


And THAT is where the problem started "policy states"---OK show me where. "Uh, aaaaah... I'M A PROFESSIONAL I DON'T PLAY GAMES, I RESENT THAT IMPLICATION!!!"


If I was a woman, or a minority, I would have a damn good discrimination/harassment case from what I found. But, alas, I am the evil white male. I must bear incompetence and harassment because....just because.




As for porn.... The IT department shut off all external mail servers and banned a bunch of sites at a prior employer. I just stopped taking my laptop with me on the road. Unplugged for weeks at a time. When asked why, I told them I didn't need dead weight. I can understand the restrictions when you're in the office connected to a company network. But as a field service guy, living on the road and in hotels for months at a time there are things like paying bills, personal e-mails, etc... The restrictions were quickly made not-applicable to persons in the service department who had laptops. In a lot of countries where I operate, the internet is not 'free' anyway...can't look at porn if you wanted to! Guys doing it with sheep, yes. But women, or bare ankles.... Not halal, dude!

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The last place I worked where porn may have been downloaded,it wasn't necessary. You just had to look around and you'd see an employee getting screwed.



I would say at a former employer "Here at XYZ, we're one big family! And incest it best, so we bone our own!"


I can see me using that some time if the future: "I don't need to download porn, I can just look around here to see someone getting screwed!"

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It all depends on the family and the business.  We have the owner's 22 year old son here and he's working his ass off doing the shit jobs (scraping undercoating off the undersides of old Porsches), he gets paid the least, and gets yelled at the most.  The kids is hanging in there because he loves the cars and knows, if he does well for the next 30 years, all this will be his.

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I've had a mixed bag with nepotism. When my bonus money and commissions were redacted so the owner could put his son and daughter on the payroll at $35K a year and give them another $25K fully-funded SEP.... Yeah, I had a problem with that. (Hint to arrogant business owners, SHRED your consolidated P&L's for the past five years, don't just dump them in the trash and assume 'the dirty grease-monkeys will empty the trash and not look"...)


Now, other times, I found kids such as Peter Coors Jr. (or was it the III?) stuck in a third sub basement of the brewery tasked with breaking down compressor coolers while having saturated steam leaks all around making for a nice "Sigourny Weaver Alien" Atmosphere... Sure it was only a summer internship, but as it was explained Adolf Apprenticed, his Grandfather Apprenticed, his Father Apprenticed, and HE was going to Apprentice in the same manner as they did so they knew every job in the brewery and every action from back office to distribution. That way, when someone called cornered you with a problem, they weren't just talking to some privileged suit who never worked the line. Everybody there admired "Junior" and the way he stuck to the hardest, dirtiest jobs in the maintenance department. And that's the way his dad told them to treat him "Run him like any other kid off the street. We need people here who know how to work!" It was the third day before one of the maintenance guys slipped and mentioned I was 'sucking up to the boss' son" with the way we were talking it up during breaks. kinda shocked me really, and gave me new respect for how they did things at Coors. Won't drink it, but I respect their process! After asking if it was true, Pete Jr. said it was and offered the above explanation, and said he thought it was a good idea as well. He may not be working in the third sub basement breaking down Atlas Copco Coolers... And likely he's making a lot more money now as well.


But I'd work for Pete Coors Jr ANY day as he knows what my job was. That other little prick...with $60K in salary and SEP who couldn't even empty the trash cans and sweep the shop? Bust him in the teeth if I could get away with it. Spoiled little a$$hole!


It was interesting seeing how the boss' wife got a raise from $35,000 to $375,000 in annual salary, and the kids got put on the payroll after Tim and I came to the business and expanded the service end from $1.5mm to over $4mm annually. While our commissions were eliminated, no raises... After 9/11 when there was NO WAY he could claim "Sales of New Equipment Carried this  Company, not the Service Department" (I.E. My Superior Salesmanship) carried this company.... and our gross went from $4mm to just shy of $10mm it became hard to justify not giving us raises... But give them he did not. So we quit. And then he sued us. Because he had money. He lost, but that is nigh compensation ($1,100 in court costs returned) for the $10,000 spend on his bitter legal machinations. 


Gas Truck. Accident. Tasting His Own Blood. -- Tragic Skiing Accident. Fully Concious But Unable to Move. Eaten Alive by Wild Animals.


The hate keeps me warm on cold, lonely nights.

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Jeez. I work as a smelter at a precious metal refinery. One of three at a company of just over 30. There are two people who are charged with "supervising" our activities, neither of whom are smelters and one of whom has ever melted before.

With gold prices backing down as they have our business has taken about a 65% hit compared to the last 3 or so years. So the owner hires a guy who used to manage some function at a gold mine as his COO. He's worried about selling paintings. He worries that he might have to sell one of his 30 exotic rides. So he has this guy find the problem and implement solutions.

Its been a year now and his conclusion is........ the market is down. After spending months wreaking havoc getting us to change our method of melting, because of course WE THREE were the root cause of the decline in business. It must be my job to acquire and maintain customers then, not the sales people.

I mean who leaves base metal and wax and stones and mercury and lead in the melts? Not the processors, who's job it is to spot and remove it, oh no!

But then, what else should I expect from a place where you report to self important charlatans, who don't know your job, or why we couldn't pour two molten metals off each other. A place where the custodian, the CLEAN UP DUDE, has more insight on melting than those two.

We get big lots of silver trinkets (candelabras and knives and such) that have more steel and wax in them than silver. If you don't know what moisture does when suddenly submerged into molten silver and flux, well neither did I. But then that's why the processors are there, two of which are our supervisors. And do they make sure this doesn't make it to us? No. They ignore it exists so that another processor takes responsibility for it. One whos hands are wracked with arthritis, who can't use a hammer, or see straight for that matter. And no one questions the lot until we melt it...

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" If you don't know what moisture does when suddenly submerged into molten silver and flux, well neither did I. "


Ohhhhh, I know!


It's a bitch when craftsmen who have done it for decades are ignored by educated whiz kids who have plenty of theory but not a lick of common sense!

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