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Biggest wheel/tires with no power steering


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Hey guys, did a lot of searching and reading before posting but found mostly questions being answered by opinions so was wondering what you guys are running up front as far as tire width and sizes go and how you find the steering. I am in between keeping the stock rack and pinion out of the Z versus WRX power steering but I will be running a 235/17 tyre up front with the rb26 on my 280 and was wondering what I should expect as far as effort goes. I will be designing it as a dd but don't really expect to drive it more than a few times a week. I'm leaning towards the stock rack simply because I want to keep the feel genuine and not to mention it will just be easier in the first place.

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I went from 225's on +4 rims to 255's on -13 rims and I didn't notice a huge difference in effort. In both cases, I found any kind of slow speed driving to be very difficult. But I'm 6'7" tall, and with the steering wheel I had, my arms were straight out. This gave me no leverage. I then switched to a wheel and adapter combination (Momo adapter + NRG short quick release + deep dish NRG wheel) that moved the steering wheel several inches closer. It was like I suddenly added power steering to my Z! I couldn't get over the difference. I'm now able to maneuver in parking lots without straining to turn the wheel, and I have a lot more confidence handling the car at speed.


I realize not every one is as tall as me, but it's still worth considering your position to the steering wheel. Your elbows should be at about a 90 degree angle.



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Thanks for the info guys, that's what I needed to hear and also what I assumed to be the case. Don't plan to go grocery shopping with the car so don't think parking will be a big enough issue to care about. Could always do with a little extra arm muscle. I think I will stick with the manual for now. 

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I run 275/35-15 Hoosier A6 on all four corners.  I also run 6 degrees of caster.  Turning the steering wheel when stopped is a challenge, but is no problem while moving. 

That being said, I feel like I've had a good upper body work-out after a day of autocrossing.


I would love to install a power rack and pinion set-up with a quicker ratio.  Often my speed through a course is limited by how fast I can turn the steering wheel.

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I've seen other members post up similar parts but for 2250 plus shipping etc I think I will stick with bicep power for now.

FWIW, I think my Woodward rack is cheaper. Requires more fabrication to get it in, but you can get a faster rack ratio, whatever length rack you want, and adjust the level of assist after the fact.



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