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240z Chassis For Shipping To UK?

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Hello, Everyone!

  Does anyone know about a 240z chassis for shipping to the UK? I live in Buckinghamshire, England and REALLY need a new chassis. It doesn't need to have anything on it I'm just looking for a rust free...a relatively rust free chassis that wouldn't take too much work to get back to a solid body again.

I hear that in Arizona the body's are really well kept from the dry atmosphere? Well, if your in Arizona (or anywhere else) and you have a 240z chassis that you don't mind shipping, message me I guess? Email: armstrong.stuart@live.co.uk


Any help on getting a new shell would be VERY much appreciated. I only drove my Z for 15 minutes. She was so far gone the chassis was twisting so I wasn't able save her :'-(


THANKS! Stuart

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You REALLY need to get in contact with Frank Poll in Holland. He plans on shipping a container next April, and I happen to know there are more than a few rust-free 240's out there. Some with tweakage. But pretty well stripped. Lashing it up inside a container is the way to go if you have all the other bits already...

Just bring a flat caravan to claim your prize on the other end of the Chunnel... Or perhaps he could be talked into another visit to the War Museum...

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