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JCI transmission mount with bad dog frame rails

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I had to shorten the JCI tranny mount by about a 1/4 inch.  It "looks" like it might bend but that metal is THICK and is very rigid.  I just cut the thing in two and rewelded (bevel cut).  You can take the extra 1/4 inch out of one or the other side, it didn't seem to matter because there is a little "slop" in the tranny mount and it will still be pretty much centered. 

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Keep in mind that all these cars are really old and over the years specific dimensions have probably changed a bit due to years of driving stress.  Even if a car has never been in an accident it's possible a 1/8" interference fit on one could be 1/4" loose on another.  Just too much happens over the years.

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What trans mount did you use?

The stock t56 mount.  It would be hard for me to believe that the distance between the frame rails has changed that much because of driving fatigue.  One possible explaination might be that people have jacked up the cars on the rails and dented or bent the rail.  Mine were sorta bent before I added the bullydog rails.

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