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HELP On My Own 1973 Body Harness Near Completion

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Does anyone know what gauge/AWG wire the harness uses?

I'm rebuilding all my harnesses now. The Alternator/ Starter are AVS 5 or 10 AWG i'm going to replace all of it with 8 AWG wiring. Finding White/Red wire in a 10 or 8 AWG is almost  impossible. I did find 2 places that would do it but you have to buy a  minimum of 500'. I purchased white 8 AWG SXL wire and will use a paint pen to mark a red line through it, I will also then put a "WR" label on the wire on both ends.   Since the wires are Japanese spec you have to convert to AWG. To do this you need to count the strands and measure each one then look at the AVS chart. Then take a AVS chart and convert to AWG. Here'es the thread I made on classicZ.



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Are you using a specialty program to make your diagram or just a regular paint program?

At the time I was putting this together I didn’t have any program/software in my computer to simply create the diagram so I just went with the good old paint program. It wasn't hard to do.

I ended up buying a wiring harness in really good condition online for just $50. All the connectors were still there but the alternator one (which I already have) and none of them were brittle. No cut or additional spliced wires. And to confirm that my diagram was accurate I used the harness I bought online and traced the wiring with the diagram and it was all correct. However, I noticed that one of the white wires in the diagram needs to be changed. I'll change it and update the drawing later this week when I have time.

I am still planning on restoring the old one after I get the Z running.

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