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Whose got the cleanest white Z? Help me decide my next project. fc or S30

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My datsun 260z is finished and not really happy how everything turned out. I got too carried away with the dreaming and it ended up away from what I wanted lol so my turbo 302 is up for sale.



Basically ended up w/ a drag set up that I grew out off lol





Looking for my next project and im down to TWO options.


Either another s30(my case id go 240z or 260z) or a fc3s rx7.



Im really liking the white in my cars so this time im going for looks first then mod the engine.(usually the other way around for me lol)



Looking for clean White S30 to compare to help me decide which I want to go with. I want to have an idea of what I can potentially make it look like.



Found this RX7 that is clean IMO and If I go that route this will be my base plan.

Nice clean and simple. Reminds me of my old mk3 supra lol




as Far as S30


I found one that I like but im sure theres more out there. Im aiming for stock body w/ bumper/kit but NOT widebody or any major body mod.









Wichever I go with will end up with a 4g63 engine or 4.8 LS so power plant concern isnt an issue.




Each have their own advantages but this thread is focused more on deciding on which Id go with looks wise.



thanks for any help

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