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injector wire power w/key OFF (turbo)


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Hey TURBO ECU guys...while replacing all my injectors and  connectors today..I noticed that I had power on the straight green wire...with key OFF!?!?


Car is 1983 turbo..no mods. Just bought car as a POOR runner...after trouble shooting fuel system, learned that the engine would run (rough at idle and only rev to 3k) with #1 #2 and #3 injectors unplugged or with plug wires removed.


So looking at the FSM it does not show any KEY or any other interruption for this wire, just straight to the ECU. But it does show that this wire is common for all six injectors.


 The engine does run well now...just seems strange that the injectors have power all the time while key is off..engine does shut off..just incase anyone was wondering.


 Anyone know about this,,Thanks

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