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So I've got a couple other threads about Printing car parts on my 3d printer. Well on my 300zx, the upper window pin again broke yesterday. This allows air to whistle while driving and water to leak in with the rain.  I'm tired of tearing the door apare to fix a cheaply made part. So, I started looking into what can be done to fix this issue. 


Well the stock pin has a white plastic ring around a metal ball end, allowing for some movement.  The plastic is what breaks.  I looked at it and figures a 5/16" washer would almost fit over the ball portion, but would not fit past it. That woudl be enough to hold the pin in place, but I'm not certain if it required much more than that to keep it from rattling or wearing badly. 


I got into PTC Creo and desiged a new round bottom portion which would allow the pin to slide in the track AND incorporate the 5/16" washer.  I printed it up on my Mendel Prusa 3d printer at .1mm layer height, and a .5mm nozzle. at 80% infill. This created a very strong part  with a little xacto persuasion I was able to fit the stock metal door pin and now I've got a new slider made from ABS which should work well. The phillips head is lightly recessed for grease to fill and I will glue the washer into place.  This looks like a very good solution for a part that breaks all too often.  If you end up needing one of these, let me know, I'll sell it cheap.  picts below:






I'll add more picts when I get to install it probably this weekend.




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I had a bit of a redesign with this having to bevel the inside of the 5/16" washer.  doing that allowed me to move the washer closer to the ball on the pin and allow the washer and ABS plastic to fit within the 7mm height of the track.  I also had to eliminate the outside ring as the diameter was a bit too wide.  This fits very well though I rounded the edges on the bottom of the metal pin just to be sure it won't bend and dig into the track. Grease was a definite need since this is a metal washer sliding in a metal track.  I could have left it with just the ABS plastic, but plastic would eventually break again. The metal washer should last the life of the car.


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