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Atozone Tonine

PICS of Rear Hatch Rust Patching

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It all began with a cleaning... then as I started to grind away the small rust spot on the tailgate, the hole kept getting bigger.

the plastic cover was hiding a huge hole.


Here is how I fixed the rust holes, and rear hatch:



I cut out the areas that had rust with an angle grinder



I cut out matching pieces of 16 GA steel and bend to match existing





I painted all the parts and all around the hatch with POR-15, doing the whole cleaning and etching process

and installed NOS inner weatherstripping and the top portion of outer weatherstripping



Re-installed rear tail pieces, and lights



Then I turned my attention to the hatch hinges, which were ripping off at the seams.



I welded them on the top



And underneath



And that was about a weekend of work, for an amateur.



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