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Mikellys 403 Stroker LS3 build...

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The list gets longer and longer...

LS3-403 stroker long block L92 heads/Callies CompStar Rods/Pistons/SRP Pistons - $5900 shipped
New valley cover/bolts/gasket from GM - $158 shipped
New waterpump, bolts, gaskets, and tstat - $128 shipped
New timing chain cover, all gaskets and seal, cam sensor, and bolts - $165 shipped
New MSD coils and brackets -$680
New XIM interface and wiring for FAST XFi - $610
New 48# injectors - $440
Set of powder coated valve covers and hardware -$120         

Bought an LS2 starter from Summit - $92
Bought an LS3 Intake off Ebay - $200 new in the box
Bought all sensors from Rock Auto, including a set of NGK plugs - $167 for all
Nutter Racing Drysump Pump, Madrel, blancer, belt and hardware - $1680
Butler-Built Drysump tank - $225
Dirty Dingo Mount Kit - $160
MSD Plug wires - $65
Fuel Pressure Regulator and fittings - $90
Reman Alternator - $120
FAST XFi Harness - $325
Passenger side High mount alternator bracket - $200
Fuel Rail Kit - Ebay - $120
Water Steam Line Kit - $90
Modified the ARE OilPan - $350
Drysump fittings and plumbing - $600

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$3105 invested total in the drysump for my motor... Wonder what most guys end up spending on their wetsump oil systems?  My last setup included a Mellings blueprinted pump, ARP pump shaft, Canton Accusump, ECV, Lines, Oil Pan, crank scraper, windage tray, dipstick and misc. parts!



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I'm probably $4000 into the drysump now with all the fittings and other related parts... I already had the oil cooler and remote Canton filter.  But the tank, all lines, the on/off valve from peterson, all lines, having the oil pan modified, and the kit from NRP are not cheap...


NRP Kit for LS motor - $1680 shipped (included pump, damper, hardware, mandrel, and pump belt/cog)

Tank - $225 shipped

Pan and modifications - $850

Peterson Valve - $105

-16 fittings (4 of them) - $140

-16 line (15 ft. parker pushlok) - $100

-12 fittings (12 of them total) - $180

-12 Pan Screen fittings (3) - $60

-12 High temp line - $105

4 rollcage mount brackets for the tank - $75

-16 breather tank and fittings - $110


Total - $3525


Breakdown on the PLUMBING total is $695.  This was a very frustrating part of the process because I kept having to order more... And I probably should have followed Carey's advice and gone used.  I also could have skipped the parker pushlok stuff all together... Pain in the ARSE to assemble.  My hands throb everytime I look at one of those lines.


This doesn't include the dual PCV tanks I will be installing as well, and that is running an additional $200.  Some speculation about if it is needed by some, but the guys at MTI swear it is a must.  They have a pretty good batch of happy custmers that run every weekend without issues, so I'm running one.



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Pete I went back and "added" everything up to date...


$13608 total spent, and I sold my motor for $2500, plus I sold the LS1 I parted out and made $1200 off it.  I sold the old ignition parts and fuel parts I had from past iterations of the Zcar and that ended up netting me another $400 total.  I still have some parts to sell off once the dust settles.



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