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Well the last week was hell for me at work. I put in a cool 102 hours in 7 days. Finally got back in the garage this weekend, and got some stuff done.


Finished the new diff mount.
Reason for new front diff mount:
Both the 14mm bolts holding the diff to the rear mount were quite bent. I knew the old mount was letting the diff move, but I had no idea how much!!!
Also got the fuel tank back in. I really like how the sump turned out.
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Also picked up some side work to keep things moving along.




Came from an 800whp cobra and was making gear noise. Guess what?! It got hot because the cluster gear was starved for oil!! 


Anything above 600WHP, ABSOLUTELY put a fluid pump on it, or you're on borrowed time.  I have one planned for mine, but not immediately (no Dinero!)

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The magnum shifter has 6 bolts, and is about twice the size of a normal t56. I would have had to open the tunnel up about another 6" in front of the shifter boot to get at all of them. We'll see. Its easy to cut it back out if I ever need to haha. Its kinda nice not caring about sheet metal.

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Didn't get much done last night. Ran around getting things (resistors, connectors, brake lines, brake fluid, oil / filter for the daily, paying bills) and didnt get much done on the Z.  Leaving tonight to head home for a funeral, so there will be no progress this weekend. Sigh. Its close.

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