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brake booster vacuum line size

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Okay, I have a 260z and I know the brake booster vacuum hose size is 3/8", but I only have a 1/4" nipple available on the intake manifold. I swapped in a 2jzgte. Can I just use a 3/8" to 1/4" reducer or will that not be sufficiant? I really don't want to pull off the manifold to drill and tap a new hole if I don't have to. Thanks

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This should be the ticket: http://autobahn88.com/catalog/en/533-10mm-to-6mm-aluminum-vacuum-hose-joiner-reducer-adapter-autobahn88-alj-6-10-.html

 3/8"= 9.525mm, 1/4"=6.35, so the the bigger end might be a bit loose, but plenty of room for clamps

thanks for the reply, but do you think that going down a size will effect how the booster operates?

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