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Dallas ice storm 2013 street ice skating GoPro


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Slid down the drive way today trying to get some food. Couldn't get back up without pouring sand... Neighborhood roads are a disaster but the main roads aren't bad at all, until you get into the turn lane. Weber DGV on the truck doesn't give me any grief at 20º either! They probably take less care of you out there than they do here in Arlington, Stay safe

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It's a little annoying out here since not many people personally own any snow/ice equipment and the cities don't stay on top of things when they happen. I remember being in Rhode Island, the day I was suppose to drive back to Texas it snowed 1.5 feet. By 6AM roads were clear like nothing ever happened.

After the first two days of ice the main roads have been traveled enough to be clear but neighborhoods are like BigPhil's driveway.


Apparently this year is suppose to be a repeat of two or three years ago in Texas where we had a lot of "winter activity". I remember at that time I was daily driving my Z to school to get those easy bonus points for merely showing up to class... Airdam acted like a snow plow for everyone behind me.

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