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Fuel Injected S30 L28 in Washington


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I'm looking for a fuel injected L28, preferably out of a 1978. Needs to be a running motor without any serious issues. I know someone has to have one sitting around that was swapped out for a SBC or RB.


I am on a serious budget, so being able to drive and pick it up would be wonderful! I'm in Clallam County.


I don't want to low-ball anyone, so just let me know what you are thinking as far as price. 500-800 is around my ideal price range.



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Well here's my deal... I don't know what parts of that will transfer over from that 83 to my 78. I have the one that is just a little bit different than the other years, and I don't have a lot of the sensors.


I'll take that car into consideration, but I would much prefer a running 78 L28 with everything still connected to it.

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You should probably define better what you mean by "L28".  Do you want a complete engine, with manifolds, injectors, water pump , thermostat housing, etc.. still attached?  Do you need the AFM, distributor, ECU and other engine control parts?  


The parts from a 1978 long block will transfer over to a 1983 long block.  Easier to find a long-block than a complete engine.  Any L28 from 75 to 83 would work except that you would want square port exhaust for 75-76.  Good luck.


Edit - you posted while I was writing.  It's not clear what you're looking for, your CL ad in #5 iists everything except the engine, you said you need an engine in Post #1.  Contradictory.  Good luck.

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