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adaptor plate for chevy driveshaft to 75 r200 diff

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Hello I was wondering if anyone knows were i can get a replacment adaptor plate for my drive shaft i have done much digging around im the fourms and on google with no luck any help would be nice

thank you . Here are a few pics of the item i am refering to







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I'm interested to know what this part does specifically...On another note it looks somewhat similar to a part I had custom made. Would cost aroundI 300

It bolts to the diff flange and then the chevy driveshaft with stock chevy ujoint bolts in to the threaded holes

here is a pic of ot mounted to the diff flange IMG_20130730_112112_zps8efc53f6.jpg?t=13


and you can see the mark were it mated up in this one NCM_0100_zpsf4db7516.jpg?t=1389819761

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-R200 Neapco Adapter 2-2-899-1 with a 1310 Size U-Joint (M8-1.25x35mm)


Look that neapco part number up and it should give you an adapter that goes from r200 to 1310 spicer u-joint


Hope this helps. Used it on my 5.3 tr6060 build

Thank you i have been looking at this as a back up . I am worried my shaft would be to short if I went this route .

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