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I have been doing a bunch of reading on the 83 turbo dizzy and megasquirt setups and I just want some verification that it's input voltage is 12v and not 5v reason being is my setup was getting really erratic spark I was wondering if I was feeding the dizzy too much power since there are two different vvalues to use for each voltage

My set up is as follows

Ms2 v3

Extra code

Stock l28

83 dizzy and an msd blaster

Dropping resistors for the stock low impedance iinjectors

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The question is a bit unclear.  The CAS does use a standard 12V connection to power the optical

pickup.  You also need the 1/4W K resistor connected to the output from the CAS to the MS.  Since

you mention the blaster coil you are likely only using the 'crank' pickup in the CAS, but if you decide

to go full sequential you will also need a pull up resistor on the 'cam' output as well.

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Dan- I was asking because in the megamanual it states "for hall effect only-(EDIS, VAST, luminition, etc):


B) Solder a wire between TACHSELECT and XG1

c) For 5V inputs fit a 470R resistor into the position of R12

For 12V inputs fit a 1K resistor into the position of R12"


I went the 12v 1k route and was wondering if I choose the correct resistor for the trigger input.

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