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Rolling with the punches a 75 280Z v8 Refresh

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Over the winter I decided to install a new intake and carb combo due to a bogging issue,


parts : Summit Racing Street & Strip® Stage 1 Intake Manifold

         : Holley classic 750 cfm

         : ARP intake bolts

         : Mr gasket intake gaskets   

         : Permatex High Tack Gasket sealant 

         : Permatex ultra black silicone 





After finishing the install and after the engine had warmed up a chirp developed from the engine, I started looking for the normal things that cause chirps and could not find anything but the noise sounded like it was coming form low in the bay, 




So I did a oil change and rechecked all things i could think of and the noise had vanished... then the car got to operating temp.








I am very sad to say that after 25 years of loyal v8 power the engine has now developed a bad bottom end knock. And it will be sitting till I get to pull the engine, and seeing that I live in a apartment complex my garage is no big enough for the job. I don't know what is going to happen engine wise. Many great options only time will tell.




But none the less I will keep you guys up to date on now what will be a big change in my car i will now get a change to fix many small thing that have bugged me for along time. 




This will be FUN!!

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Specs are for rookies-post us some timeslips!

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Had to take the Z to the tag office to take care of a vin issue, and saw a cool place to grad some pics, then had a Nissan meet that flopped so popped a pic with the only other Z that showed up with 17" slots ?!?!?!  also snapped a pick with its new brother. The knock is still there but its not bad so im going to drive it gentle to meets and what not till I can sell some things and get the new engine on the way.    



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Been driving the Z around some and enjoying it. and taking  pics and vids I hate that this motor is coming to a end.





But for every end there is a new beginning.  my newly aquaried 5.3 LM7 out of a 04 Yukon with only 95K on the clock and I snapped up a LS2 cam for a great price to go in it. 







Now for picking up even for parts and to get this thing ready to go in. 

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Well after doing more digging and googleing I found that a stock LS2 cam will not work in a 5.3 with out some big changes at that it will cost more to get running on the car then buying a good after market or compatible stock LS cam .... I hate wasting money 


BTW I now have a stock LS2 cam for sale with only 45k on it.

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