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I have a 72 240Z with 6 liter LS2 and T56 6 speed.  After the engine/trans install (by Dave - (Viperredls1z), we did a 4 wheel Willwood disc brake setup from Arizona Z Car and while I was doing that, I opted for the package with 5 x 4.5" lugs which gave me the option for larger tires and wheels.  I got a set of wheels (11x17 rear and 9x17 front) and mounted Michelin 335/35-17 rears and 275/40-17 fronts.  The car originally had hand built flares, but they were poorly done and in any case did not cover the larger tires.  This gave me the perfect opportunity to do some paint and bodywork that I have been putting off.

The car is in Ralph Garza's Body shop in Roseburg, Oregon for complete body work and paint.  Check my facebook page: Datsun V8Z.

The old paint is almost all gone,body panels are being aligned and this weekend they started on the flares. I made templates out of 1/2 inch plywood that would be the outside opening of the flares.  The template radius is 1 1/2 inches larger than the tire radius.  I located the center of the template 1" above the center of the wheels/tires, allowing for a bit more suspension travel.

This weekend, Ralph and his buddy John from Portland (who has done SEMA class winners) started mocking up the flares.  They are using rigid styrofoam blocks and spray foam to construct a workable surface, then filing and sanding down to a final shape.  Hopefully this will be done this weekend, and the fiberglassing can begin.

The side marker lights go away, and I'm adding turn signals behind the front grill (yet to be fabricated).

No front bumper.  Thin black fiberglass bumper? in the rear.

It will be painted with many layers of Kandy Tangerine over gold metalflake with a black stripe down the center.

This is my preferred daily driver, so we are adding some comfort touches:  Lots of sound insulation, Honda S2000 power mirrors, leather reupholstery on the existing 350Z power/heated seats.  Also adding a small overhead console for rear-view camera.  I've attached a photo of the car before bodywork and a few pictures of it as it sits in the shop.  I'll try to post every few days to keep everyone updated.






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