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Will 240Z style upholstery fit my 260Z seat frames?

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I have a 240Z which had 260Z seats in it when I bought it, but they need new upholstery. I want the 240Z style upholstery, but I am not sure if it will fit my seat frames. Does anyone here know?


I am thinking of ordering from these guys on eBay:




Has anyone here any experience with the quality on these covers?






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Thank you for your answer! :) 


I have been thinking about buying new molded foam inserts for my seats as well, but then I read about poor fitment and so on, so I just decided to go with the old ones. I am sure many upholstery shops in the US will redo them cheaply, but the problem is that I live in norway, where nothing is cheap :P That is also why I want to buy the covers from exotikleather on eBay. Because they offer an affordable shipping alternative. 

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ahh!  I see.   Well don't worry about getting exact moulded foam. it's available sure, but  if you use scissors and cut the foam to generally the same shape as the stock foam you're removing, it should fit well enough not to be an issue.  It's really not so hard to do even doing it yourself.  You may need to buy some hog-ring pliers to help you install, but either way those covers should work fine. it mainly depends on the job you do installing them.

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