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Quick Time Bellhousing for RB's

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In my searching for a bellhousing for a L28 to T56, came across this from Quick Time.

Their catalog was not very specific so I sent them a message....and got a reply within 1hr....today.


Their response:

"The RM-7010 will work with the Nissan RB20, RB25 and RB26 to a T5 Mustang, TKO500/600 - Ford or a TR3550 transmission. You would need a custom bellhousing for your engine and transmission combination. For custom a bellhousing, they will take a minimum for 90 days for production and will run about $1100 - $1200.

Please let us know if you need additional help."



I believe it is certified as a shatter shield and steel, $675-695.

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Speaking of bellhousings - as I just moved everything up here from North Carolina - I have a RB to I think Muncie/Saginaw T10 bellhousing.

I originally got it to adapt the G-Force G5R I had in my 240Z to the RB I wanted to put in.  Ended up selling the G-5R and put the RB25 trans behind the RB26.  

These go for $650+ shipping from Australia - so cheaper than the above mentioned options, but not cheap!

My model is BH 084.  I'd have to fish through my paperwork from Castemaine Rod Shop when I ordered it all those years ago!  

If someone wants it, send me a message - I don't plan on using it.  I won't let it go for super cheap, but you wouldn't pay full price.  I believe the bolt pattern is the same for RB20, 25, 26.

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Thank you brother, but I was meaning a Quick Time Bellhousing for 350z / RB.   But,  the adapter plate may end up being the only available  way to go.

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Collin's makes the plate.


You really don't need anything else though.  So you'll use the RB flywheel, with a 350z clutch and pressure plate (350z is bolt on the RB20 actually).  If you plan to use the stock clutch and PP, you'll have to machine the bell housing to make up the difference.


If not you'll have to use the bearing sleeve from a 200sx V6 or something along those lines.  Either way you'll have to build a driveshaft, and transmission mount.  


I am a dealer for Collin's however I don't get a big discount at all though.


I've used a few of their kits, and I think they are okay.  For the money though, you can't really beat it.  I usually recommend their kits for the 2J guys since we can usually do the entire deal (kit, trans, clutch D/S etc) for the cost of just the getrag transmission

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