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New SAE Book on Vehicle Aerodynamics

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Hey everyone,


I saw that this book is being released by SAE a couple days ago and figured it might be a worthy read for those that are putting forth efforts on this sub-forum.


You can pick it up now today for $129 on SAE's website, or $103 if you are an SAE member.  It looks like Amazon has it listed as well but not stocked yet.


**Note: I don't have any affiliation with the author or book in any way, just thought it might be a useful reference.


Here is a blurb on the book:


This book provides an introduction to ground vehicle aerodynamics and methodically guides the reader through the various aspects of the subject. Those needing specific information or a refresher can easily jump to the material of interest. There is a particular emphasis on various vehicle types (passenger cars, trucks, trains, motorcycles, race cars, etc.). However, the book is focused on cars and trucks, which are the most common vehicles in the speed range in which the study of ground vehicle aerodynamics is beneficial.

Readers will gain a fundamental understanding of the topic, which will help them design vehicles that have improved aerodynamics; this will lead to better fuel efficiency, improved performance, and increased passenger comfort.

The author’s basic approach to the presentation of the material is complemented with review questions, application questions, exercises, and suggested projects at the end of most of the chapters, which helps the reader apply the information presented, either in the classroom or for self-study.

Aside from offering a solid understanding of ground vehicle aerodynamics, the book also offers more thorough study of several key topics. One such topic is car-truck interaction, when one vehicle (usually the smaller one) is overtaking the other. There is a direct and instant benefit in terms of safety on the highway from understanding the forces at play when one vehicle passes the other in the same direction and sense.

Chapters examine:


  • Drag
  • Noise and vehicle soiling
  • Wind tunnels and road/track testing
  • Numerical methods
  • Vehicle stability and control
  • Vehicle sectional design
  • Large vehicles: trucks, trailers, buses, trains
  • Severe service and off-road vehicles
  • Race cars and convertibles
  • Motorcycles
  • Concept vehicles






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If this book is similar to some of the other SAE books I have purchased in the past it is more or less overpriced for what you get.  While old Aerodynamics of Road Vehicles by Hucho will have most of what we'll ever need.  It's expensive too but if you search used book stores a number of copies have been out and I found one for a whopping $5.    Before plunking down money for this book I'd try for an interlibrary loan to see if it can be reviewed that way.  



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