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3rd time's the charm, i guess. 1JZGTE VVT-I 72 240z

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Well, i guess its that time again.


Some of you may remember me, most probably wont,  honestly, who really cares.


Im currently on my 3rd 240z, and as they usually go, its turning into a cool project.


A bit of my Z history,

My first was a basket case that i L28ET swaped, then when that refused to run, trashed that and Then LS1 Swapped it


-OG build thread ->http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/100530-1972-240z/


-Subsequent LS1/T56 build thread  ->  http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/106702-1972-240z-ls1t56r230-build/


Despite being a MASSIVE pile of crap,  that car was a great learning experience,  not only in carefully deciding on vehicle purchases, but in the vast amount of modifications available for these cars.


Anywho, after a few months, i started to get more and more disappointed with the car, it didnt feel as fast as i had expected, it wasnt getting good mileage (getting 8-10 on my best days),  and it was riding on cut springs, and was all around not a nice place to be,  not to mention the body and chassis were garbage


So i decided to pick up my second Z,  with the intention of Swapping everything over, then i got it running, decided i didnt really want to go the V8 route again, and settled on doing an RB25 swap.  then i realized i could sell it for a profit, and decided to do that one.


Quick build thread from that second car  ->  http://forums.hybridz.org/index.php/topic/108197-ol-purp-ii-electric-boogaloo/


When i had the Second car, my friend had bought a fairly clean, decently low mile Z (which would end up being my current Z).   DId a complete suspension overhaul with TTT bits, and some minor crap.)




I was out for quite a while, actually.  I sold off the Maroon Z and the Green shell in October of 2012.  Bought another fox mustang (capri) and regret that mistake,  ended up with a miata in April of 2013.


I drove the miata for a while, modded it and had alot of hoonigan fun in the thing,  Then,  a mutual friend of ours (myself and the friend with the Z)  who was borrowing said Z,  decided that it was a good idea to not be careful when driving a car that didnt belong to him,  and ran it up a K rail.   This Bent the front strut tube and Tension rod,  and the ass end now has a nice dent at the very rear of the QP


1377376_10152289493754676_703631924_n.jpthe tension control rod.  this fix only cost 30 bucks,  i was happy



Anywho, after that fiasco,  my friend who owned the car asked if i wanted to trade for the miata,  i kinda missed owning an S30, so i said, what the hell.


80 bucks and an unnecessary motor swap later, i had a driving 240z again  (40 bucks got me two complete struts,  i just sectioned the drivers side,  was able to reuse the insert,  and TTT sold me just the bent "hockey stick" bit for 40 bucks



Sectioning the new strut,  THe old strut (foreground, no dust shield) is bend right at the base where it meets the spindle.  I decided to pull the other side aswell and i added a 1/4" plate gusset between the knuckle and strut tube to keep this from happening again.



The old, INCREDIBLY tired L24 coming out.






The new L28 in the bay (this is a high comp, cammed motor that is actually going in the same friends 31 Ford Roadster,  it just went in the Z to break it in,  Ill be honest, i ******* hate it,  its an awful street motor)



The old hood latch cable was garbage,  i decided to take that as an opportunity to replace it with some AeroCatch hood pins



The mount that i notched for clearance to the throttle linkage,  disregard the black square,  i just did that as a temp. fix to get the bare metal coated,  ill get the engine bay painted eventually.




Anywho, more story.  this was in october or so of last year.   since this L28 doesnt belong to me, i had to figure out a replacement eventually.   I had originally settled on a 1jz swap,  and i was also planning on doing a miata suspension swap (and hating all of the work involved.


As time passed, so did my interest,  i decided i was going to sell it, and stopped thinking about it.  then a few weeks ago, i had a nother change of heart, and decided i was going to do a cheapo L28ET swap via a 280zx donor.


Then,  when i was maybe a day away from buying a donor car,  this popped up on craigslist.



ITs a 1jz VVT out of who knows what.  ITs auto, which will be remedied, BUT it only has 30,000 Kilometers on it, and is incredibly clean.  Turbo has no shaft play, and everything is in brilliant shape.


THe first order of business was ditching the Power steering and A/C and picking up a Grooved pulley and the proper sized belt




Then, after a few days of craigslist surfing, and a few hours at the junkyard,  i came home with this




ITs a W58 out of a 1985 Celica supra.  Not the strongest option, but i got it for 180 bucks,  cant beat that, especially when you cant get R154's for under 800...




I also noticed that this was a thing





so i bought a new fan clutch (which i could only get a 5mGE clutch that had the right flange diameter, so i picked up a fan from the same car i got the trans from







Whew picture dump, lol


So far i have bought

-The proper rear sump oil pan

-ARP flywhel bolts

-jz->W58 Bellhousing

-2jzGE flywheel

-a MAF and IGnitor,  to replace the ones that didnt come with the motor  :/

-A new downpipe

-W58 trans and Front half of a driveshaft, with fork, slave, crossmember, etc etc etc




One last note,  here is the reason i decided to get a new downpipe, if youre unaware,  this is the stock VVT Downpipe



and heres the expensive, but i think worth it,  replacement downpipe i bought






anywho,  thats it for now,    The L28 and 5 speed will be coming out in the next week or two, once my BEllhousing shows up,  then i get to fabricate mounts,  get a DS made, source a clutch and IC piping, and all that other fun stuff


More to come...


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Destruck, you bought my l28et off me didn't you?


The car literally has every techno toy suspension piece on it, however I don't think I'm going to be doing the miata suspension, and if I do it won't be any time soon, if it does happen literally everything will be for sale. Sig is pretty out of date ATM.

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I thought so,  how do you have that thing running?



In any case, i have a small update,


Tax refunds are evil,  mostly because im literally about to spend all of it, and i just deposited it into my account.


Parts to come.  IC and piping, Clutch kit and exhaust bits.

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Alright, so money is mostly spent.


Parts on order


-27x12x3 CXracing intercooler (cheap, but i dun care)

-a lot of aluminum IC pipe, silicon hoses and clamps

-Spec Stage 2 2jzGTE (i meant to order a 2+,  as the stage 2 only has a 310 ft lb capacity and the 2+ is 350.  Hopefully i can exchange it, as it hasnt shipped yet, but if not ill deal with it.


Some other things i need to get, which i will order in the next few days

-Exhaust bits,  mostly a V band to hook up to that downpipe, probably 8 ft of straight pipe, a UJ or two, and some sort of muffler,  we will see...

-Somesort of wideband and gauge, probably going to go for an AEM UEGO.

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Haha ain't that the truth with tax returns...


I actually never ran the motor sat in my garage for a long time til I bought another 240z with a l28et swap in it already and sold that motor off lol.


How does that core fit the s30? I wanted to buy something similar to that for mine it should handle cooling for the small amount of power pretty easily.

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I went off of a single picture i saw in the "post your intercooler setup" that looked like it fit like a glove,


With two 90* silicone tubes on the inlet and outlet line up almost 100% perfectly with the existing holes in the core support for the fresh air vents.  looks like ill need to either delete or relocate my horns to get it into my desired position, and it will be a perfect fit.   Doesnt quite fill the grille like the NPR IC i used on my ET build, but it looks good.



A few more parts showed up today




Spec Stage 2 clutch, 310 Ft LB capacity (2jzGE clutch)


the last coupler i needed (got bad info on the size of the turbo inlet, i should have measured but i wasnt home at the time)

Pressure plate bolts.


I MEANT to order the Stage 2+ clutch, which has a 350 FT lb capacity, but i noticed after i ordered it that it was the 2,  i tried to change the order but by the time Customer service got back to me, it had shipped.   i Figure that in a nearly 1000 LB lighter car,  310 Ft lbs will be more like 400 Ft lbs, so ill be alright,  


In any case, the Used flywheel i got has a lot of heat spots, so this is more of a temporary solution anyway,  i will upgrade to a better clutch and a lighter FW in the future.



ALSO, My Rear sump oil pan and new downpipe should be here tomorrow, 


That makes wednesday my designated "rip this bitch apart and make it fast" day,  plan is currently just to get the L28 and 5 speed out, and get the motor mounts made.  The rest of the bits should fall into place fairly quickly thereafter


destruck, thats funny,  gotta love spare parts.

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Well, the pan isn't here. so my plans of motor swappage are nill, I can't seem to get any real Info on where it is either. so we will see how that goes.



In any case. my downpipe showed up, as well as my missing maf, ignitor and flywheel bolts.


Time for my rant. I'm a bit annoyed at toyota, it appears that they could not for the life of them make all of the intake attachments a common size


MAF inlet. 3"

MAF outlet. 3.25"

turbo inlet, 2.75"

turbo outlet, 2.25"

throttle body. 2.75"


I got bad info on the turbo inlet, and didn't have the maf when I ordered my couplers, so I've had to get two more separately, it was quite frustrating.




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Well, my longtime belief that FedEx is the worst ******* company in the world has been verified.


Somehow, they lost a goddamn oil pan,  a big chunk of metal in a big box,  nowhere to be found.  luckily it was insured, i am getting a refund from the company and i am getting one locally tomorrow.  its not in brilliant shape but it will do the job.


I will probably clean it up tomorrow, and then i have 4 days of work, and ill be spending monday going on a long road trip with a buddy to pick up another car for him.


HOPEFULLY, that means that Tuesday will mark the start of my swap.


Current plan


Day 1:

-L28/5 speed out

-1jz Mounts at the very least thought up, if not roughed in


Day 2

-Finish mounts

-paint engine bay

-Measure and send out for a driveshaft

-hopefully install the motor permanently


Day 3

-Wiring Wiring Wiring

-Build IC Pipes


Hopefully that will cover getting the bitch running to get it out of my garage so the mini and my dads car dont have to fight over turf for too long.   Most likely all the small shit will take a few days after that to get finalized, but we should be good to go.



Im more than likely going to pick up a big brake kit for the front as well,  you know, to not die.   Im leaning towards a wilwood 4 pot setup that is sold by a relatively local company for too much money,  but im a sucker for pretty aluminum calipers.


The company also sells a Wilwood 4 piston vented rear setup that im really tempted to grab.  Unfortunately that will require some thinking and an extra set of calipers on my part to get a functioning e brake.  Or i can run a hydraulic e brake that i have laying around.  the car wont be a drift car and im not a poser like that, so probably wont happen.

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More text based updates. I'm terrible at taking pictures. I'll make sure to grab some next time I work on the car


The l28 is out, I'm currently working on engine bay stuffs


-removed the hood latch mount, and prepped some other holes to weld, which will happen next week.

-reinforced the frame rails between the crossmember and the tension control rod box with some 1/8 stock on the top, inside and bottom.

-I will be stitch welding the length of the frame rail seam and around the strut tower.


Monday once I grind down the welds on my rail reinforcements and get my stitch welding done, real work on the mounts will happen

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