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240z won't pass 90 mph

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Hello Guys,


I need you  help, because my 1970 240z does not pass the 90 mph and I don't know why.


It is the same thing if I go with third gear and want to pass the 90 mph or the 4 gear.


It feels like it is stopping to give enough power to the spark , so the Z can't pass the 90 mph.


It feels like an mph limiter, but I haven't see anything like this in the car.


I have changed spark cables, spark plugs, distibuter cap and rotor, ignition coil and all the resistors, battery.


Sorry for my bad english.


The problem has gone even worse.
Now when the car get hot it misfires badly.
When the car is cold it runs perfectly.
Anyone an idea ?
EDIT 2 :
Now I have changed also the whole distributor but it still has the same problem.
The car does not pass 90mph.
Can anyone help me please?
Problem solved. It was the fuel filter.
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